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Surprise: President Who Once Warned Against Changing the Filibuster Now Supports Changing the Filibuster

debir Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 6:19 PM
Obama's 3rd Term: BHO's Secret Plan to Retain Power Through 2020 ! Using vast new powers, Obama will: Greatly increase the size of the Fed's quantitative easing, leading to massive increases to inflation. Seize control of the entire 401k retirement system, forcing Americans to buy more risky-US-Govt-debt. Implement vast new taxes across our economy, as they've already done with the health care prgrm, which they'll do next by implementing a Natl-sales-tax. Continue to expand the welfare rolls by record amounts, buying still more votes, power, setting the stage for a 3rd Obama term. Reshape our foreign policy, drawing America into partnerships with dictators, socialists around the world.
debir Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 6:20 PM
9-11 was planned carried out by rogue elements in Saudi-Royal-Family-Govt !

Terrorism Expert Says:

"Lloyds of London lawsuit shows that: Saudi Arabia was Involved in 9-11,

but all of the condemning facts were covered up, after the Saudis quickly paid 100s-mlns-$$ to settle the lawsuit !" involvement latest.pdf

8-1990, Iraq: "CIA-Kuwait Memo is Proof of Plot to Destabilize Iraq, reveals Saudis have gone to the Dark Side supporting terrorists to attack USA.

Jamie-Dimon Isn't Alone: 2007-09, 18 former, current Fed-Res Bank Dirs worked in banks, Corps that received over $4 trln in low-% loans from the Fed-Res.
debir Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 6:20 PM
We were tricked-fooled again,

1st by fake-phoney-fraud-fake-Conservative-RINO-Neo-Con-GB-2,

Then by McCain who couldn't win because of the disasterous GB-2 and-or JM didn't really want to win,

and now Romney who also didn't really want to win !

Also the low-wage-seeking-pro-illegal-alien-invasion-amnesty-RINO-Republican-Leadership "Covertly" threw the election to pro-illegal-alien-invasion-amnesty-Obama !

By needlessly-unnecessarily-purposely-moronicly-stupidly disrespecting all US women in general and in certain specific ways,

and also the honorable Dr Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and millions of their worthy supporters,

and losing millions upon millions of their votes amongst Independents, moderate-Dems-Reps, Libertrn-Constn-Partys !

Actually, no surprise at all.  This development is as shameless as it was inevitable:

Jumping squarely into the white-hot debate currently being waged in the Senate, the White House on Wednesday said it supports Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's efforts to change the rules of the upper chamber. "The President has said many times that the American people are demanding action," White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "They want to see progress, not partisan delay games. That hasn't changed, and the President supports Majority Leader Reid's efforts...