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GOP the "Stupid Party" Loses in the 2 safest Rep 2012 Senate elections ! Duh, Akin in MO, duh, Murdoch in IN, Duh ! Where's your outrage at such Monumental-Colossal-Reckless-Irresponsible-Moronic-Stupidity, GOPers ? You better wake up now or the USA will become Mexico-Lite ! Advice for today-2014-16: We lost the election to a highly-politically-skilled, but-unworthy-Admin, by our incompetent-political-policies, non-existent-effective-political-strategies-methods-tactics, being out-of-touch-disrespectful-condecending-abusive-rude, concerning womens-political-personal-opinions-viewpoints-issues-concerns ! Wake up, bring back the women voters, the other groups will folloiw, bring in alot of qualified women-Rep-candidates now-2014-16 !
Did you know that Turbo Tax Timothy Geithner, tax cheat is the son of Peter Geithner, former Ford Foundation head of the Indonesian region’s, Bank-Lending-for-3rd-world-low-income en.wilipedia,com/wiki/microfinance program which formerly employed one Ann Soetoro, Program Director, and Mother of the Obamination ? web.archive.org/web/20100806011701/http://cinie.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/the-obama-geithner-connection Tim Gethner's dad Peter, BH-Obama's mom Ann-D-Obama-Soetoro and the CIA cannonfire.blogspot.ro/2008/11/spies-lies-barry-and-his-mom.html After BHO-Sr left for Kenya, Frank-M-Davis a card carrying Comunist had an affair with Ann Dunham, FMD is BHO's father." obamasrealfather.com/frank-marshall-davis /breaking_news001-7 /press
But, as production ramps up, the price of oil is going to fall. That's great for America's consumers, POTUS, but terrible for oil investors. You have to be very careful ! It's important to understand how this is likely to change Pres-politics in a way you never dreamed was possible. In American history the 2-x we experienced real tyrannical Pres, w/revolutionary, liberal, progressive, socialist policies, correlate directly with oil booms. We know the combo of a popular, Socialist POTUS w/vast new oil riches leads to radical politics. That's what's very likely to happen over the next-4-yrs. Get ready, be prepared, before it's too late ! "We Must Stop the "Fake-Phoney-Fraud Obamination !" pro.stansberryresearch.com/1210THIRDLIA/OPSINB01
There's a wrong way to invest in the oil and natural gas boom. Hear about a big new oilfield and buy shares of the Co that's exploring it. This didn't work out for shareholders of Chesapeake during the natural gas boom, which's like our playbook for what's about to happen with oil. What you can see is, even though Chesapeake came from nothing to be the 2nd-largest producer of natural gas in the US behind Exxon-Mobil, its share price got slammed when the price of natural gas fell in 2012 and the Co's finances were revealed to be weak. files.dailywealth.com/images/psi-chart9.jpg That's what you've got to watch out for with the oil boom. Production rates at small oil Cos in the US are going to soar. There'll be lots of buyouts, takeovers.
changes that are inevitable, that are underway right now. In some ways, these changes are unbelievably good. Investors, for example, who buy natural gas assets now, while prices are still incredibly low, will likely make an absolute fortune in the years to come. But some of these changes are very bad and they're very dangerous to people who value their Liberty, the tradition of limited Govt, the American ethos of fair play, hard work. There's nothing much P-S can do about the mad lust for power we're about to see unleashed in the White House. P-S can only warn us about it. There's no way we can hope to outvote the masses, especially when more Americans than ever before are already on the Govt dole, nearly half of America pay no taxes !
he'll create the illusion that he's helping them. Like with his cell phone giveaways, mortgage reduction schemes, but he'll continue to punish, tax those who work hard. Just like the Roosevelts, he'll excoriate, attack the people, the Cos who've created the oil riches, just to win the public's approval. Then he'll use those same resources to buy favors, luxuries for millions of Americans, people who've done nothing to earn it. This'll create more-more political dependence, more-more corruption, more-more Socialism, and the crowds will cheer him for it ! No one cheers more for a tyrant than those he enslaves. So it'll be in 2016, when the crowd will demand yet another Obama presidency. These are changes that very few people understand,
will capitalize on this energy revolution to become the most powerful POTUS in modern history. Like other energy-backed demagogues around the world, Putin, Chavez, the Kirstners in Argentina, he'll not willingly give up his power. He will use oil and natural gas to transform America into a modern petro-socialist state. And he'll use oil to stay in power, for as long as possible ! These predictions might surprise you. But when this comes to pass, what'll shock you is how millions of Americans will applaud these changes. Your neighbors don't want freedom. They don't want lower taxes. They don't want more opportunity. You know what they want ? More handouts ! Their President telling other people all over the world what to do, just because
Saudi Arabia of natural gas. We'll dominate the global market for natural gas. Obama will be able to pick, choose which of our allies get our natural gas, how much they have to pay. Whomever he picks, one thing is certain: Having this much oil, natural gas will make BHO's admin the most powerful America has ever seen. Who knows what he might do ? One thing we're certain he'll do is run for a 3rd term, Whether by changing the USC or more likely by simply running his wife, Michele, in his place. We only know Obama will never give up the amount of power he'll garner in his2nd term. Look at his entire career. Obama has never shied away from taking power or taking credit. Like any good Chicago politician, he knows how to use influence. BHO
Power plants are converting to natural gas from coal. Trucking Cos are moving from diesel to natural gas. Consumers of every variety are substituting natural gas for electricity everywhere they can, using natural gas dryers in their homes instead of electric. Very soon, ther'll be a supply/demand shortage. And that means the price of natural gas will start to go up. There's another, even more important reason natural gas prices are going to go up. Beginning in 2015, the first large-scale natural gas export facilities are scheduled to open on the Texas coast. By the end of 2016, the US will be among the world's largest suppliers of natural gas ! Imagine the boost this'll give to Obama's 2nd admin. By the end of 2015, America will be the
energy market he's ever seen. “I've been in the energy business my entire career and I can assure you this 81-year-old has chased down more deals than anyone you'll ever meet. A lot of those deals didn't pan out, that's just how the game is played, but every now and then a big kahuna comes along. When it does, you'd better jump on it. Right now that sort of game changer has landed right in our lap.” For the 1st time in 16 years, US oil rigs now outnumber natural gas rigs, chart: files.dailywealth.com/images/psi-chart8.jpg In 2005, just 11% of the drill rigs in N-A were drilling for oil. Today, it's more than 75%. This isn't rocket science. Less drilling for gas means less gas, just as demand for gas is soaring !
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