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Boehner: This is a Stalemate

debir Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 11:31 PM
The Rep-Party needs to get rid of the RINO's and Neo-Cons ! We need to vastly increase womens role in the Rep Party, admit and apologize to Ron Paul, Gary Johnson supporters that their views on the issues were election winners, by getting more moderate, independent, women, minority votes, and for not treating them right. Then open the door really wide for them, your choice, shall it be more "less-chance-of-reversing-defeats" or, bring them all back in and onto victory from now on into 2014, taking back the US Senate ! The Obamas, P-Geithner, CIA, Ford Country: Building an Elite for Indonesia - cia-on-campus.orginternatindo.htm
bhowe Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 12:47 AM
I will not apologize to Ron Paul and Gary Johnson (my hometown too, incidentally) as they push to addict our kids as well as adults to drugs. I'm with them on most everything else but when they turn into drug pushers and glorifying drug use, they lose me and millions of others completely.

We need less drugs, not politicians that glorify and push drug use like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.
debir Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 11:31 PM
GOP "Stupid Party"

Loses in the 2 safest Rep 2012 Senate elections !

Duh, Akin in MO, duh, Murdoch in IN,

Duh !

Where's your outrage at such Monumental-Colossal-Reckless-Irresponsible-Moronic-Stupidity, GOPers ?

You better wake up now or the USA will become Mexico-Lite !

Advice for today-2014-16:

We lost the election to a highly-politically-skilled, but-unworthy-Admin, by our incompetent-political-policies, non-existent-effective-political-strategies-methods-tactics,

being out-of-touch-disrespectful-condecending-abusive-rude, concerning womens-political-personal-opinions-viewpoints-issues-concerns !

Wake up, bring back the women voters and the other groups will folloiw, bring in alot of qualified women-R-candidates now-2014-16 !
debir Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 11:35 PM
Dr Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Steve King, Lou Barletta, Devin Nunez, Mike Lee, Kris Kobach, Nikki Haley, Jan Brewer, S-Martinez,

starting now-2014-16 !

JR described the obstacles to gaing back the womens support-votes,

We'll have to put it back into the Rep political platform, in speeches, tv-radio-news interviews,

If we don't work at-figure out ways to bring alot of women in, it's over !

With the women we'll also get back Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Librtrn-Constn-Prty votes too !

Lets all work on getting this done ! /breaking_news001-7 /press


In response to President Obama's new $1.6 trillion tax hike proposal, Speaker John Boehner said today fiscal cliff talks have reached a "stalemate."

"There is a stalemate," Boehner said. "I'm rather determined to solve our debt problem."

When asked about GOP solutions to the looming crisis, Boehner pointed to the work the House has done in the past two years for solutions.

"You can look at our budget in the past two years and there are plenty of specific proposals," he said, adding that significant and real spending cuts must be on the table in...