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The First Solar Swindle

DearJohn Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 11:38 AM
First Solar did not complete it's Arizona plant because of a global glut of solar panels. They do not need the Mesa plant's capacity, so to claim they may not be able to make enough modules to supply their projects is to miss the point entirely.The warranty replacements were for cold climates (Germany) not hot climates. They increased their warranty reserves because all solar panels degrade faster in hot climates - in fact, chinese silicon panels degrade much faster than First Solar's. The projects were sold to energy companies not because of poor quality, but to fulfill the business plan. Finally, you mistake loan guarantes for outright loans. They are totally different. This is remarkably poor reporting!

As we dig deeper in the green-energy crony corruption-story, it begins to sound more and more like the making of a big-budget Hollywood thriller. Today’s installment on First Solar includes billionaire investors, corporate welfare, favoritism, threats, exaggerations, lawsuits over inferior quality, layoffs and outsourcing, and even a romantic dalliance. The screenplay would be riveting. Too bad it is not fiction. The film would have to be a documentary. 

The trailer would open: “What do Goldman Sachs, several Goldman executives, and quite a few billionaire investors have in common? Add in millions of campaign donations followed by billions doled out of...