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Heaven forbid, Virginian's. With Obama involved you know there will be voter fraud.
I hope Obamacare implodes before it causes a lot of damage.
Obama is a psychopathic liar.
I put nothing past this corrupt administration.
Obamacare looks like it will implode and the democratic party will implode along with it. Like 'killing two birds with one stone'. Oh, Oh. The "word" Nazi's will be on me for using the word 'killing'!
Gary, I would like to know who your current coverage company is and what the details on cost and deductibles are to give me and everyone else an idea of what we would be looking at.
OBAMA and his minions will just continue to pee off all of our allies until they will tell him to go stick it,
WE THE PEOPLE need to step up our anti-communist and anti-muslim efforts in OUR country,
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Senate Wins Big Victory for 2nd Amendment

DEANb Wrote: Oct 21, 2013 7:50 AM
You mean there are still some senators that abide by the Constitution? How come only half? That is concerning.
Congress doesn't even understand Obamacare what makes me wonder why is it even a law??
The shut down is a total lie.
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