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For those of you that STILL haven't figured it out.....Obama is a liar and a thief---just like his daddy.---A foul thing.....that has infected the white house, and corrupted the entire district of Columbia.--Obama, or Sotero, or whatever the foul things name really is.....has always had the destruction of our country front and center in his priorities. This is sad as no one knows.----This thing must be removed sooner, rather than later.......as it is already much too late.----So many Americans are guilty of aiding and abetting this criminal --it is almost too far gone for an orderly transference of power.-----Bloody America -----is next----AND YOU CAN THANK THE DEMOCRATS AND THE LIBERAL MEDIA FOR ALL OF IT....All of it.
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Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide

dean50 Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 7:41 AM
i'll try again...........Michelle Obama has spent alot of taxpayers dollars flying all over the world.....buying multi-thousands in jewelry.......and now.....she seems to have spent quite alot on transforming her hair from the typical wool-head like.....to a ....well.....white woman's hair. This in spite of hating white people.----They are the basest of human beings.
Gabby, like ALL other liberals is mentally deranged.--She is Godless, along with ALL other liberals. Gabby is against the free enterprise system for all. They are the most depraved members of our society, and should therefore all be rounded up and shot. Period.---They ARE the devils within.
They sound more like a degenerate rap band's name of a song!......"gonna get the the bit@@ tonight..........al shabbabb, gonna do some gin and juice.....al shabbabb,,,,,went down to the corner store....al shabbabb..............robbed him of his liquor........al shabbabb...." Sounds like some number one hits on the rap charts huh?????
Don't hide bombs in pregnant women's houses.-----don't put terrorist's in schools---hiding under classroom desks.-----You, like all the other blind people---are about out of even hope-------you are fit for wrath.
Agreed---Joe was a phony before.....and he has been brought FURTHER down the road of degeneracy.----Remember....."bad company corrupts good morals"----so it is, and always will be a race downward....when surrounded by dead people that are still breathing.
Another dead example of the blind talking to, and leading the blind in a dead conversation about their own dead lives?
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Of Racial Delusions and Riots

dean50 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 9:14 AM
When you have a very low I.Q.--and your parents have demanded that you NOT behave yourself in school long enough to actually LEARN something--because, in truth, an educated young black American would then have to face the truth that it has been his or her parents and grandparents that have been duped---and that it has been THEM that have REALLY held their own children back--all of the poverty pimps and liars will be exposed for who and what they are. They would not be able to continue to tell their children that it IS whitey who has held me back!---No, it has been your own laziness, degenerate behavior, and racism that has held you back.--There is a saying that has gone around for years...."you can't fix stupid"---that has never applied so well as it has for this group of Americans. They are too dumb to connect the dots. If you don't want to be shot by the police--don't keep doing crimes. Do you hear ANY of these morons---these so-called "artists" saying this?--Of course not---they are too stupid to understand the connection.
Anyone truly interested in learning what the REAL aim and goal of the so-called "scientific community" supporting the "doctrines of devils" as it pertains to "climate science" should read the book..".Ancient truth collides with a modern heresy "--in it, you will have the scales removed from your eyes---and SEE what is the real agenda---along with understanding just where this new religion...(which is not new) actually comes from...and who are the players to watch.---Our very existence as a nation is at stake.
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