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When Orangutans Get Lawyers

dean50 Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 8:50 AM
Great article........These people, and this "new age" religion, is not NEW at all. It is the re-emergence of an ancient religion of "creation" worship, in the stead of "CREATOR" worship. The ancients were influenced by many strange doctrines of devils in the old world---and all of those pagan beliefs were passed down through the orient and multitude of Hindi and Bhuddist teaching. These modern day environmental insane people along with the earth-sun-moon and stars worshippers, are just joining forces with ALL the other anti-Christ, anti-capitalism organizations (communist) in the world. This philosophy will bring about WORLD-WIDE poverty and darkness. Spearheaded by the frauds in science and the power of the U.N.--this global warming/climate change hoax is what the enemies of the cross and the enemies of Christ-- WILL --ride in on. "Save the planet" (mother earth) their god, is the rallying cry-------death, darkness and bondage will be their results.
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Black Progression and Retrogression

dean50 Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 5:40 AM
Excellent article Walter...as usual. Doesn't it make you sick and frankly totally embarrassed, to see such rotten-evil and dumb Negros in the news like this? Americans that only want to cry "racism" when they know that the biggest racist's in America are black?---What a waste of humanity----Obama-Holder--Sharpton!
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Barack Obama’s Contradictory Christianity

dean50 Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 11:09 PM
You have laid out true facts in your piece. However, you are a bit confused in your assessment of Barack Hussein Obama's "religion". Barry Sotero was born a Muslim. Simply by changing his name does not make him Christian. TRUE Christian believers know and understand that all men are sinners first.......then by GRACE through FAITH, they are given the opportunity to receive redemption by way of the cross of Christ. The Lord God Almighty has already told us...(past tense) that we will be able to tell a tree by it's fruit.---The Lord Jesus said that you cannot get good fruit from a bad tree---NOR can you get BAD fruit from a GOOD tree. Anyone willing to look and listen will know and understand that the "fruit" of Barack Hussein Obama is FOUL.....bad.......not edible. This is a man that is anti-Christ to his core.........we are not confused. Our God is not a God of confusion, not only in the assembly of worship....but also in the discerning of truth. Any confusion of this must be turned inward in each individual. The Holy Ghost (helper) will come.....and HE will guide you into all truth.....and bring to remembrance all that pertain to me...(Jesus)........SO......why the confusion?----EVERYTHING that this foul thing does smacks of anti-Christ..........just what are the marks of anti-Christ?......let me give you a hint.............LAWLESSNESS. I could go on to teach some more.......but you all have enough to study from here.
As I have already written about in my book..."Ancient truth collides with a modern heresy"--The world of science and public opinion is catching up!!--The environmental extremist's have spread this fraud for over 25 years.--It is about control---darkness and poverty. It is NOT science....And yes, it IS religion! Thank you for another article that proves what I have said for some time. Man -caused climate change is the hoax and vehicle that the U.N. has chosen to ride in on to control the world's economy.....forcing nations to be dragged under the umbrella of darkness-poverty and, strangely......one world government!
For those of you that STILL haven't figured it out.....Obama is a liar and a thief---just like his daddy.---A foul thing.....that has infected the white house, and corrupted the entire district of Columbia.--Obama, or Sotero, or whatever the foul things name really is.....has always had the destruction of our country front and center in his priorities. This is sad as no one knows.----This thing must be removed sooner, rather than later.......as it is already much too late.----So many Americans are guilty of aiding and abetting this criminal --it is almost too far gone for an orderly transference of power.-----Bloody America -----is next----AND YOU CAN THANK THE DEMOCRATS AND THE LIBERAL MEDIA FOR ALL OF IT....All of it.
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Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide

dean50 Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 7:41 AM
i'll try again...........Michelle Obama has spent alot of taxpayers dollars flying all over the world.....buying multi-thousands in jewelry.......and now.....she seems to have spent quite alot on transforming her hair from the typical wool-head like.....to a ....well.....white woman's hair. This in spite of hating white people.----They are the basest of human beings.
Gabby, like ALL other liberals is mentally deranged.--She is Godless, along with ALL other liberals. Gabby is against the free enterprise system for all. They are the most depraved members of our society, and should therefore all be rounded up and shot. Period.---They ARE the devils within.
They sound more like a degenerate rap band's name of a song!......"gonna get the the bit@@ tonight..........al shabbabb, gonna do some gin and juice.....al shabbabb,,,,,went down to the corner store....al shabbabb..............robbed him of his liquor........al shabbabb...." Sounds like some number one hits on the rap charts huh?????
Don't hide bombs in pregnant women's houses.-----don't put terrorist's in schools---hiding under classroom desks.-----You, like all the other blind people---are about out of even hope-------you are fit for wrath.
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