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However Simon43---It still does not give the Russians...and it WAS the Russians that shot a long....reasonably long range missile at the plane---would ALSO be able to, and have the "technology" to know it was a passenger airliner.-----Doesn't really matter if some air traffic controller screwed up--or purposely "vectored" them into the airspace. To pose an excuse for the shoot-down, you miss the much more dastardly brazenness that the communist Russians are displaying. This is not mysterious. Those whom have lived and studied these histories, are not confused.
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Turning up the Heat on Gore

dean50 Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 12:09 PM
Let me help just a little.---LISTEN UP!!!! The United Nations IS the driver of this world-wide agenda.---The goal is to bring the nations of the world into more subservient roles to the U.N.--Another necessary result, is the total destruction of the economic free-enterprise system---and the resulting WORLD-WIDE poverty that will absolutely happen if these liars and devils have their way.----STILL LISTENING?.......This whole environmental movement is NOT anything to do with science.......IT IS evil---and it is religion!
Yes they are..........you, my friend, are sane!
All of these global warming (man-caused) freaks are the height of arrogance--and deception- in this generation.---One thing LINKS every one of them. Know what that is? Okay, I'll tell you...........they DO NOT BELIEVE in GOD!!--They are also strangely anti-capitalist, (after they get theirs!)--They are seemingly believers in communism/socialism.--And what should open all eyes--is that they are also going to destroy the United States--Western economic might, and reduce America to a third-world banana republic. Why don't you care about that?---Man made GW/CC- is a hoax from way back. It is insanity and pure vanity to think that ALL the climate chaos and climate changes that have occurred over the past 20,000 years wouldn't keep happening without oil and coal being burned and used.----This is NOT science!--It IS religion!---and a grand scheme to destroy the U.S.--and bring the world to massive poverty and chaos.---Then all the blind guides and wackos--can look for the darkest of times brought onto the world.....just before the end!
That's because the school systems have been pushing it throughout the schools in America. They have all but eliminated phys-ed in school. They have done away with dodge ball- and other "contact" sports as well.--They -by planning and pushing soccer does not mean much when it has been contrived. --And again-----what is so appealing about rioting and looting and destroying --after every game--that makes these liberals and sissies want to push this on America?
Your a moron.--and you and yours DEMONSTRATE that fact practically after EVERY game that is played!--You riot. You fight-kill-maim-and destroy property (not even your own)--regularly. What have you to defend? Soccer is boring---and a bunch of sissies play it-only to have their sheep-like population fight and riot after the games----while you all live as robots of the state.---And OUR sports media and the other liberal leftist outlets are ALL pushing this environment and behavior onto America. Do you care to dispute RATIONALLY, anything I just said?
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Playing a Name Game with the Redskins

dean50 Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 2:37 PM
Very much the correct point of view.--Dr. Carson understands the issues that beset us. Now..what the hell are we going to do about it?
Good point.....if they were INTELLECTUALLY HONEST, there would have been impeachments---trials---and convictions--from ALL over this administration. They are corrupt from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes.--EVERY American should be banging on the door of their congressmen and force them to represent you and actually USE the Constitutional powers that they have and shut this cabal of anti-American hatred DOWN.
mshandy...that is.
I wouldn't.--agreed. There is so much corruption and evil in this government-throughout all the myriads of agencies, the next admin. needs to appoint all kinds of NEW--BETTER--and Constitution-loving "public servants"--laughable just saying it-- bringing fresh-CLEAN behavior to government. These, from Obama-Holder, all the way around and through this administration have already demonstrated (past tense for the morons) their corruption, lawlessness, and hatred for America's Christian heritage (background), her freedom, capitalist free-enterprise system, and faith. THEY ARE the enemies within!
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