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Whiny Atheists Protest Charlie Brown Christmas Special

Dean197 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 11:53 AM
I can answer that: it doesn't bother us at all. Believe what you like, it's no skin off my nose. I always like to ask fundamentalists...why is it that no matter how many times atheists (secularists really, but most atheists are secularists) tell you that our issue is that we want our government to be as neutral as possible regarding religion, you still act like our problem is that the sight of a crucifix gives us the Dracula heebiejeebies? There are a lot of theists who are secularists too, and agree with us on these matters. We're a small minority, if it weren't for all the theists who agree with us, you could get the Constitution amended to say it's a Christian nation and it's fine for Christian displays to be on government property.

The atheists I grew up with in Texas were a tad bit pluckier than today’s lardy hagfish atheists who file lawsuits every winter when they see a child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Yep, the anti-theists I used to hang out with in the Lone Star state were rugged individualists who were so busy milking this existence that they didn’t have time to bleat like a stuck sheep because a plastic baby Jesus statue endangered their delicate beliefs.

My other non-believing buddies who weren’t the robust Hemingway types were usually heady stoners who were into physics, Pink Floyd and Frisbee and were...