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You might call that 'classic' libertarianism, which advocated very relaxed immigration policies. Since 9/11, some older libertarians have changed their minds about that, and a very large chunk of new libertarians never liked it in the first place.
Unfortunately in the case of the Germans, they were already 90% Lutherans and Catholics, so it was too late to convert them to Christianity.
When Christians controlled governments, bloodshed over religion followed. Separating government from religion is what has brought us peace from religious persecution and religious wars. Islam needs to be similarly restrained, with government and religious power separated.
To be fair, Christian methods weren't too different until Europe got tired of all the bloody religious wars. Muslim Arabs and Persians don't have the luxury of a couple of centuries of nearly continual warfare to teach them the same lesson. Nearby nations won't tolerate that for long, and not-so-near nations probably won't either.
If we're not able to selectively convince them to abandon their course, we may have to resort to robot assassins or something. Not that far-fetched, have you seen vids of that headless cheetah-thing that can run 40 mph? Mini-drones to find them, cheetah-drones to charge into the cave or tent or house and tear up everyone whose face matches a known terrorist. That's pretty surgical...and terrifying.
Converting them from extremism is definitely the goal. We've been very clumsy about that so far though. We were sending 'kill the infidel' children's textbooks to Afghanistan into the nineties, apparently out of force of habit from when we started supplying them when the Soviets invaded. We didn't think that one through, obviously.
This is good news. However, it should be noted that there is a difference between being a non-believer and not attending church regularly. Mixing believers who don't go to church much with non-believers has led to skewed results in past studies. If the details tease out as they have in the past, it's people who live their convictions who have better outcomes, and 'wishy-washy' people have more trouble in life.
When you break a fair law that doesn't allow atheists, Muslims, or Wiccans to religiously influence your children because you think Christian government school teachers should get to religiously influence THEIR children, you criminalize yourself. It's not unfair for Christians to have to follow the same rules as everyone else.
It's going to be predictable. The matter has been settled in court before, multiple times. This specific matter (coaches leading students in prayer) has been settled in court before. There's a term for people who do the same thing over and over but expect different results.
Have you noticed that once they get your money, you don't have much say in what they do with it?
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