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The Stolen Job Myth

Dean197 Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 9:10 AM
For what it's worth, my idea of a sensible policy: Issue Visa/IDs at checkpoints on our natural borders, and let any adult in who's not flagged in the system. Get their photo, fingerprints, and a DNA sample, so you have necessary tools if the guests engage in crime. They renew their ID once a year for a nominal fee. It doesn't give them citizenship, but it lets them live and work here legally. They can apply for citizenship with all the hoops to jump through as anyone else. With it so easy to get in at checkpoints, we'll know there's a much higher probability that anyone trying to sneak in is a real bad guy, making border patrol's job much simpler. And we get to know to a much higher degree than now, who is in our country.
Ah, you're hoping to get off on their suffering and torment and the satisfaction of seeing them realize you were right all along. Whatever makes you feel good, right?
I don't know much about football prayer law, but it would be illegal for a Muslim salutorian to use his graduation speech for explicitly thanking Allah.
That would have been a forthright and honest repsonxe.
Yeah, Christians such as yourself are always demonstrating how much they relish the idea of people they disagree with going to hell, but it's about as effective a tactic on nonChristians as threatening Christians with a Buddhist hell would be...but Buddhists who believe in hell are usually too smart to threaten nonBuddhists with it.
His first amendment rights don't include automatic access to speak at government events using taxpayer-funded public address systems. You can say what you want, I don't have to pay for your microphone.
If this was a Muslim, many of the same people complaining about the Christian being suppressed would lose their minds over it.
The exercise clause does not mandate a taxpayer-funded podium and PA system be provided for people's religious exercises. If you don't want your kids bound by government rules, don't send them to government schools.
Neither is 'right to a fair trial'.
The school is aware of and compliant with the law, which the student is happy to defy as long as he thinks he won't have to pay any consequences.
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