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Good point, it rains n the just and the unjust alike, as the verse goes.
By 'inform their flocks' you mean violate the requirements of the 501(c)3 tax-free status they enjoy, rather than organizing as a 501(c)4 that can legally engage in the type of political speech prohibited by 501(c)3 status and only have to pay taxes on their political activities.
That's the way they should have gone if they wanted to lose. Freedom of religon doesn't require the government to provide a taxpayer-funded platform for your religious symbols. Admitting that it is a religious symbol and arguing for the historical value was the right way to go, legally speaking.
Yes, American Atheists must represent all atheists in America, because of their name, right? About 2500 American Atheists versus about 6 million atheists in America. This case was decided rightly in my opinion and it's poor judgement like this that keeps AA from getting even 1% of the country's atheists as members.
I don't feel slapped around, particularly since I agree with the ruling, and I don't believe in nothing. It's an odd thought process that concludes that if a person doesn't believe in one thing, they don't believe in anything.
I'm an atheist, not a Democrat. I do what I do because of the things I DO believe in, not the things I don't. Are you familiar with the fallacy 'argument ad baculum'?
Never voted for the man.
Stalin, Lenin, and Mao were monsters in human form, I wish I could distance myself from being the same species as them. Why would you suppose an atheist not criticize them, unless that atheist was a communist (and maybe even then)?
Muslims are atheists, up is down, left is right, can't argue with logic like that.
Exactly! They can't even get 1% of the atheists in this country to join their organization because of stunts like this.
Perhaps the 0.04% of American atheists who are actually members of American Atheists are (about 2500 AA members vs. about 6 million atheists in America) rage monsters. Personally, I wish they would choose their battles more wisely. I don't think we need an atheist equivalent of litigous Black Panthers in order to secure equal treatment under the law in this great country.
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