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Like you policed Fred Phelps?
THAT, I agree with. The site was problematic, but the shirts are expression by the students.
It's a national organization that happens to be HQ'd in WI. The NRA is HQ'd in VA, should they only be involved in gun issues in VA?
Christianists who want the government involved in religion are not a great majority. Many Christians disagree with that view.
The Constitution is the beginning of our law, not the end of it. Case law says a government entity like a public school can't endorse a relgion, so the site needed to be fixed. The t-shirts are another matter, the right of the students to free expression will probably prevail.
At least 30% of that 70% agree that separation of government and religion is in the best interests of both government and religion. Christianists don't have a majority in this country.
Because American muslims so rarely violate the First Amendment. No doubt for lack of opportunity in a majority Christian country, but it remains a fact that you rarely find Muslims having enough power to get their views pushed by the government in America.
The FFRF, if the article is accurate, is in the right on the site, in the wrong on the shirts because the shirts are voluntariy expressions by the students.
Islamists suck worse than Christianists. (Pats Christianitsts on head for not being as barbaric as as Islamists.)
Thanks to the 14th Amendment, every level of government is subject to the First Amendment.
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