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I was so glad and relieved when Mrs. Ibrahim was finally freed. I hope she and her family are successful and happy in the USA.
I'm an atheist, and a secularist, but if the facts are as reported, I find nothing in the First Amendment or in case law that justifies removing books from a school library due to specific religious content. In a library, the remedy to a preponderance of one point of view is more representation of other points of view. Add some Muslim and Hindu books, it's a library!
Islam saw it the same way and decided no Enlightenment for them!
It is well within the capability of Iran and Saudi Arabia to contain this threat to THEIR regional interests. They're staying out of it because they KNOW we'll handle their problem for them. We just can't resist. And that's why the region will never learn to govern itself. It may be bloody, and we and Europe should certainly assist refugees, but it will never be sorted for good until they sort it themselves.
We could have had Gary Johnson. He would have pulled in the independents. Heck, the man got over a million votes running as a Libertarian! If he'd have been the GOP candidate, the GOP would have the White House right now.
Libertarians must be on to something if you have to lie about them to make them look bad.
You had Republican nominees who would have beaten Obama: Huntsman and Johnson. The GOP weeds out such candidates early and often.
That would be anarchists, who often join the LP as 'fellow travellers', the way Birchers usually join the Republicans. I don't know what percentage among them are atheists, or how it's relevant. I don't see how anarchism would do a good job of protecting everyone's liberties.
I'm a Libertarian atheist. I'm the chair of my county organization. I know for a fact that I'm the only atheist who is an active Libertarian in my county and the next county over, which is as far as my personal knowledge of my fellow Libertarians religious beliefs extend. Atheists may not be as small a minority in the Libertarian Party as the GOP, but we're still a minority. There's nothing in the philosophy of libertarianism that requires atheism...although the Objectivists (Ayn Rand's philosophy) definitely lean towards atheism, they're a minority in the LP too.
I wish the ruling religious class of today would get that message. We've got Pharisees all around.
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