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Silent majority? Sure, until Reagan and Falwell came along to turn you into a political force that dominates the Republican party. Now Christianity in America is in decline as your churches hemorrage your children, and you can't draw the line between that and your focus on worldly politics.
Try it and find out. Oh wait, most Christian servicemen don't bow to your authority, so I guess we never will.
Look, either compare theists with atheists, in which case you've got ISIS on your side, or compare specific theistic religions with specific atheist belief systems. Christians vs. communists, I give it to the Christians. Christians vs. humanists, the humanists have the edge when it comes to lower body count. Mao was probably a Tibetan Buddhist according to things he said, including referring to God, but Stalin was definitely an atheist. And I have as much in common with him because I am an atheist as you do with Osama bin Ladin because you are a theist. The Golden Rule is a good one. But it was around thousands of years before the time of Jesus. It was in ancient Egypt, ancient China, ancient Greece, and ancient India. It's a wonderful sentiment, but Christians don't own it. 'Love your enemies' and 'turn the other cheek' are more original ethical teachings, but there is no majority Christian country that can truly be said to operate as though they really believe those two apply to them.
And that's why Hindu and Buddhist countries feed criminals to dogs or throw them from rooftops...oh, wait, they don't. It's almost like you don't have to be a Christian to figure out Old Testament punishments are too harsh. Most of the world, even the parts where Jesus isn't much known, stopped following ancient justice systems because they learned better.
God's Not Dead did all right at the box office, but making a better movie than that one sets a pretty low bar. The premise for this new movie sounds like it's already off to a better start.
And what Paolo3 is saying is very simple, too: We only have people's word (or more actually, hearsay that it's their word) about what God's law is. Different people have different opinions on what God's law is. What we call God's law is 'grounded' in what people say. If I were shopping for foundational axioms, I could do worse than 'what makes people free, happy, healthy, and peaceful is good' and what has the opposite effect is bad'. At any rate, there are centuries of moral philosophy the author ignored in reaching his conclusion.
Good point.
Hear, hear.
More of a libertarian, wasn't he? Gun rights plus marriage equality? Sounds libertarian to me. I am one, and I hate to claim him, but he doesn't add up to 'leftist' if we're being honest. He adds up as a constantly angry man who frequently argued with many of his neighbors, often while wearing a gun on his hip, who finally snapped in a big way.
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