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As much as I'd like there to be a written test you have to pass to be allowed to call yourself an atheist, even if I could make it so, my love of liberty prevent that. But don't kid yourself that we want to recruit you. We want you to keep your religion separate from our government, but please, believe your head off. We're not stealing your kids. You are driving them to us in unprecedented numbers because so many Christian churches have become branches of political parties. And booing the invocation of God on a political document is not the same thing as booing God. And since the phrase in question included declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, that sounds like a more likely contender for the object of the booing. I'm not a Democrat, but I find the phrase 'God-given potential' pretty innocuous.
They can make as many babies as they like, until they stop driving their young people to atheism (hint: knowing you were only born to 'fill a quiver' isn't a great feeling) it won't help their cause. The political breakdown of atheists is about 50% liberal, 25% independent, and 25% conservative. I suspect the percentage of atheists who consider themselves conservative would be higher if atheists weren't a Republican hate-object, just like the percentage of conservative latinos would probably be higher if Republicans were better at not talking about Hispanics like they're a problem instead of a constituency.
Good point. Percentage of atheists in America: about 5%. Even if they were all Democrats, they are nowhere near being a majority.
It's perfectly legal for pastors to politic from the pulpit: so long as their church isn't organized as a 501(c)3 entirely exempt from taxes like any other charity so long as it doesn't endorse candidates or political parties. A church that wants to do so can incorporate as a 501(c)4 and be taxed only on its political activities. If you don't think a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status is worth not telling your flock who to vote for, don't take the deal.
It's getting out of hand with pastors literally daring the IRS to enforce the law and getting away with it. If Congress doesn't want it enforced, they should change it, if they can't change it, they should make sure it's enforced.
Apparently the neurosurgeon's brain was damaged to the point that he was no longer aware of what constitutes scientific proof of something. His experience was entirely subjective, and no more proves the Christian heaven than a Hare Krishna's near-death experience proves the Hindu one. And he didn't actually experience dying: that's why it's called a NEAR death experience.
Unless you've heard of, oh, I don't know, any of the following: Actual laws. Compassion. Fairness. How to run a country so it doesn't devolve into chaos. Or God being the justification for going on a 'gay hunt'. There is no way to escape our personal responsibility for determining what's right and wrong for ourselves. If you follow God's law, that's still your decision and what you actually follow is your interpretation of what God's law is. No matter how you slice it, we have to be capable of figuring out genocide is not okay or face the consequences in this life.
Which shows more respect for God: claiming him for your own Party, or not dragging him into politics?
Percentage of US population who are Muslim: approximately 1.71%.
Percentage of US population who are Jews: approximately 1.73%.
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