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As I have stated elsewhere: My dad used to be a staunch Republican, he never voted for anyone or anything that was even slightly liberal or democrat, but since his death he has voted Democrat two or three times in every election. (Ever wonder why the mighty O was elected in the first place?)
I think that the headline should have been "Obama Administration's Transparency: "Pretty Opaque"
I keep hearing about this "lie" of which you speak, but I have never heard anyone quote the lie. So just askin' "What was the lie?"
This girl's parents may have taught her to take the dirt-bag out of the vacuum cleaner and put it in the trash. They also taught her how to chase the dirt-bag *out of the house. *person with criminal intent.
I think, Neil Boortz or Mark Levin would make much better moderators. The commission of presidential debates is just another left wing glob of _____. No one holds their breath in anticipation of any modicum of fairness in the debates.
We hear that the defendant in a case of assault needs to have a fair trial....What about a fair trial for the victim of violence. Rarely occurs.
FTA: Aurora citizens are allowed to obtain concealed carry permits, but aren’t allowed to use their weapons. It would have been illegal for anyone to fire his or her weapon in the theatre. The theatre also had a ban on any and all weapons. This is at best a misleading statement(s). ONE: It is not illegal for Aurora citizens with concealed firearms permit to use their firearm. TWO: As to putting up a defense in the theater marginal assertion by the author. THREE: The carrying ones firearm in the theater -permit or not- is not illegal. The posted sign is not law. The person could be asked to leave and if not willing to go could have been arrested for trespassing.
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Rev Up the Bus -- Someone's Going Under It

dean0 Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 10:58 AM
Poor Vince, will the truth ever be known?
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The Old Rubber Cross

dean0 Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 8:44 AM
Were they used rubbers (scumbags) or new un-touched?
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