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Awesome: Jim DeMint Pens Rebuttal to Putin’s NYT Op-Ed

deafy Wrote: Sep 16, 2013 4:29 PM
It is sad! I do respect DeMint a lot and would most likely to vote for him as our president. But it is sad what he wrote ... especially "A document we at least adhere to—unlike other nations it seems:" I don't know if we are actually doing better than any other nation, in "adhering" to our own Constitution. After all ... why is that usurper still there in the "Awful Office" when it is not his to occupy, not to also mention the White House. What about all other completely unconstitutional things that had been done in Congress, Courts, and so on? It is actually very sad that he has nerve to accuse Putin of doing what he is, and not looking at what we say or do here!