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Please stop spewing this false information. The reason "we" support Morsi is nothing like this being due to "fair and democratic elections, etc ... it is because we all fell for the lies of Obama, who supports him only because of his Muslim Brotherhood connections. It is amazing that we all talk so much without having the fact come out, that everything Obama does is due to his being a Chief Terrorist, and is supporting the Islamic agenda! We should stop doing this and look at Obama's lies as the being the main problem behind almost everything going on here!
"Opponents of the proposal say firing squads are not necessarily a fool-proof answer." Not really ... just do as French do ... use guillotines!
There's another travesty here ... Why is that illegal usurper there in that office? Why is he even there talking about this? This whole thing is so disgusting, that we are talking about this travesty while we are allowing that vile insult of a pretender continue stirring up all sorts of problems and destroying our country?
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The Demise of Pax Americana

deafy Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 11:02 AM
I love Glick and this is a very good writing. We need to immediately take action against Kerry and the usurper Obama for treason and tyranny ... and hang or shoot them as per instructions found in our Constitution. Otherwise ... we have no honor and we are finished.
It is sad! I do respect DeMint a lot and would most likely to vote for him as our president. But it is sad what he wrote ... especially "A document we at least adhere to—unlike other nations it seems:" I don't know if we are actually doing better than any other nation, in "adhering" to our own Constitution. After all ... why is that usurper still there in the "Awful Office" when it is not his to occupy, not to also mention the White House. What about all other completely unconstitutional things that had been done in Congress, Courts, and so on? It is actually very sad that he has nerve to accuse Putin of doing what he is, and not looking at what we say or do here!
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