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No Tax. the constitution does not demand or allow for this kind of taxation. We got along just fine for over 150 years without a tax. Paying foreign bankers to loan money into existence is where your tax money goes. it does NOT go to pay for government services to the bribed poor.
Um, they refused not because they were good people but because even back then the ranks of government were being populated by liberals. Never think to highly of people.
he he he he only at judgement day, sorry to say.....
Ok let's use humanism instead of Christianity. Why should care and acceptance be given to an evolutionary stump? Nature tends to reject and allow to die that which is non reproducing. Are you not in your argument, barrowing morality? If morality is universal, how did it come into existence? If you profess one type of morality and not another, are you not merely plucking and choosing that which you find comfortable to your own view? Loving people and disdaining that which destroys them is not paradoxical. We must either recognize all encompassing morality that applies to all, or reject any morality as having any universal source or meaning. If one behavior is "so" because I wish it, then all behaviors are up for grabs. The militant homo community has proven this by in fact becoming the bullies. Much of the modern homo movement is not about love but sexual dominance.
Yes, This Logic escapes most. Some how activity, "pass a bill" is seen as good. I would like CONgress to convene for the next 8 years only being allowed to target and remove bad bills and regulations. If the left wants PROGRESS, then remove all of the alphabet soup of government including the IRS,EPA, NEA, et al.
Sorry Raymond. The Left embraces duplicity. They call it "nuance", higher thinking and creativity. They are so open minded that their brains leaked out.
If there are life boats, CONgress will not be allowed any seats. They are the cause of the flood...
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

Dead Right Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 12:56 PM
The good news is he has no clue that he will be facing his maker someday and the debt he owes will be un-payable by him.
Being the top muslim, the odious one will have to bomb himself in order to continue the war against isdamn.
From ID4. "nuke the bastards"
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