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Jesus, Today's Church, and "Inequality"

Dead Right Wrote: 15 hours ago (4:55 PM)
One huge neglect in your research is that the secular government and the church were bound together in an unholy matrimony. One often refers to the evil in the church which are people, the counter is Jesus never acted "that way" and did not encourage sinful behavior or actions.
Good points Riff: Conservatives stopped voting in 2006 because repubs kept spending and expected conservatives to just keep on voting for them as the blacks keep voting democrat expecting something more. Now the sleeping conservatives are appalled at rampant liberalism and want a turn toward conservatism but still refuse to vote for liberal repubs. The repubs know this and are therefore fighting against conservatives and looking for "new" voters to keep them elected. So the repubs are even more motivated to hand us liberal choices because they know we are so mad at the dems, We will be forced to pick the lesser of two evils, again. Conservatives on their part started the TEA party to build up and elect people they know are conservative to take over these take-it or leave-it rinos. Conservatives know they disapprove of liberalism and why. They came to grips with the reality that republicans are no longer conservative in 2006. They have started to reverse the rino problem and the republicans are screaming like stuck pigs because they know we have finally caught them in their lie AND are making headway.
Instead of preceding it. Typo.
Explain then, why CO2 follows temperature rise, instead of following it.
Vote-buying, evil spell check....
Ok, just who is being contacted to get such low numbers for impeachment? Any one with a brain understands what this treasonous bass-terd has done to our freedom, liberty, power and independence and is for his ouster. Why must we compete in the voting booth with complete idiots? Because in violation of the constitution, democrats are toe-buying with tax money that should not even be being collected.
And they say we are the party of greed......
DC is not the United States. It is a separate corporation with a us flag with gold tasseled border. It occupies ten square miles and is dubbed "the" united states, not "these" United States. It is illegitimate and must be understood as such.
Nailed it, unfortunately....
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