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In roe v wade it never got the chance to do so. it was mangled legislation from the bench. While perhaps not explicit in the Constitution, If there is no right to life as an absolute, then you may as well just ask your local government for permission to live.
Hello Ross: I do not denigrate your position or present beliefs. Your post calling some one else's belief "prattle" hit some ones nerve. Most of us are "thinking people". Understanding how we work as thinking people gives us better insight. I believe that what a person believes "colors" how they perceive. even within yourself are fundamental beliefs that hone your world-view. Thinking does not take place without assumptions or "beliefs" understood or not within the person. Most of us really do not do internal investigations into our beliefs. What you consider "prattle" are the hard-won battles of the soul for another. Those that believe have come to a place of humility towards God, believing they have personally offended the Living God. To them that is the beginning of their thinking. Once having seen the perfection of God and the moral imperfection of themselves, they hope for a reconciliation. But what could God offer as a "proof" of that reconciliation that would be believable? The contrast that a life lived morally untouchable would be "resurrected" verses the rest of us that die within our imperfections. His perfection on a cross is contrast again of the innocent being made to pay the price of a common thief. So the moral, logical outcome would be proof of righteousness by resurrection. For those that do not have as a consideration that there is any offense toward God, to them it seems prattle.
Excellent points. The isdamnists can kill their wives in the privacy of their homes within their wicked laws. Wait till they figure out murder can be shrouded in "privacy issues".
Jesus belongs everywhere. He made everything. He came to his own and they knew him not. Your love for your "lord" is in a box. Murdering the unborn is saying to God, "I hate your image." For we are all made in the image of God.
Damn right it belongs in the moral arena. A place you have yet to visit let alone understand. I hereby declare you a murderer. Ware the label proud. And the unborn human inside a woman is not her body either, yet she somehow is morally justified to kill it? Your own illogic shall be your judge.
The American people are not as stupid as she is.
Stupid and radical are strictly properties of the left. You want totalitarianism? You go first.
Ew, I would spew her out of my school. And ask her to not come. kind of like oh, lets see, Condaleza Rice being asked not to come, Ann coulter being disinvited etc... Face it folks, she has nothing to offer. Maybe she could be told how the kids hate her new lunch-sickness food. Why are people of this generation so inspired by accomplish-less people? At most she is a racist. At least she is a shill.
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