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I think one place the contract argument may fall is that the contract itself may prove to violate constitutional authority. A contract can be deamed invalid, all or in part if it is shown to violate the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution or violate other statutes.
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This Is “Forward”?

Dead Right Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 10:48 AM
Anti -moralists see progress as a circle , since morality has no consequences and good and evil are only perceptions on a "much bigger" plane. Hence the concept of forks in roads and needing to back up to where a bad choice was made to right wrongs, is not understandable yo them.
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Obama Targets Americans At The Pump

Dead Right Wrote: Jan 25, 2015 4:18 PM
Tyrants and Statists all want the same thing, control. The mantra of saving the planet through more goverment is a lie that is long over. Methane is even far less a green house gas than CO2. Water vapor is the primary thermal control in the atmosphere, at 95 percent effect. Enough lying. And by the by, prices on fuel go down and bam! Statists want more taxes to raise the price and use the money's for more nefarious control of people. Dear God, please damn obamism.
Joni Ernst.
I too have stopped using liberal to describe them. I say modern liberal or progressive/ recessive. But in truth the label that best fits is Statist. Some one that prefers government tell them all including when and how much to pee. People that tell other people to do with what is theirs are jerks. Hence modern progressives, statists, are jerks.
What darkness resides in a man that makes laws, three times, that demands a surviving post abortion baby should be left to die and prevented from receiving assistance by law?
No hard facts but,,, Rush is claimed to have 20 million listeners per week. CNN is less than 500,000, Don't know about the others. The big three get their news funding by selling other entertainment. But lets say 20 million. the typical presidential year vote is about 100 million. Figure repubs and dems, half each so 50 million repubs. Rush has got the ear of two fifths of the voting rebups. He also claims some others listen in, liberals included. Sometimes they call the show frothing at the mouth about some insignificant detail, so they must be listening. Your per radio point is interesting because many listen on the internet now anyway. Their are also the young J(t)erks. they are rude and manipulative. I have listened to their arguments and they use just about every wrong approach to logic to persuade. Fools still listen to them.
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Destination Mars

Dead Right Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 2:38 AM
I agree, we ought to put a bunch of these miserable politicians in orbit, and leave them there. We would all be a lot happier. And get more stuff done in their absence.
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The EPA Is Not Above the Law

Dead Right Wrote: Jan 10, 2015 3:13 AM
But where will we warehouse these leftover epa people? They will just migrate to some other nefarious sorros funded group.
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