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Giuliani Versus Obama

Dead Right Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 10:13 AM
Riots across the country , we can handle. Bring it on. Impeach now! It is statism left unchecked that just might destroy us.
No, if this is true, then abortion should be illegal. It was a legislation from the bench. Not a vote of we the people and abortion certainly denies the right to life.
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Islam as a Victim Civilization

Dead Right Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 10:35 AM
Actually, The right is in ernest arguments about all of those issues and has a diverse solution set Just look at how wide the presidential field is on the right. We do talk, argue etc about all of those things. So we are not cowed to silence by PC. We state those views loud and strong and agree to disagree, live and let live. It is the 20 issues on the left they want to force us to care about. We want to not be bothered by that which bothers others. PC is a peer related action of ostracizing others. Just assuming that all should believe the way they do. Is something really true, just because a group of people say so?
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American Lie (The Day Big Media Died)

Dead Right Wrote: Feb 16, 2015 11:28 AM
You've got talent!
To be obsessed with stopping slavery is what catapulted the Republican Party. We did not lose the issue forty years ago. It was stolen from the body politic under cover of darkness through one court case and legislation from the bench. It is iligitimate. And it used to be considered liberal to be for life. But the little statists have all fallen in line to do evil. To hate what is evil is every human's moral calling. Have you become deaf to it?
Yet when it comes to some other evil policy they want to push like carbon tax, it is for the good of the children.
Thank you annfan for your valuable input. God hates murdering. God told the Israelites not to throw there babies into a fire to worship an evil false god. God can identify with a crisis pregnancy and offer special assistance like he did for Mary. If God judged the third riech and Germany for putting six million Jews up a chimney, what awaits us, that put 50 million into a bucket. To murder a person is to hate the image of God. I have watched an abortion as part of becoming a crisis pregnancy counselor. It made me sick for days. It should be televised and shown publicly. In public schools they show an image of a"fetus" in a cheap film that is actually a ravioli being "aborted". This in an attempt to remove the moral wrong as an obstacle to abortion.
Truth well spoken.
And Hayes can think to herself, she was doing it all for the good of the planet. No moral compass. People with "sustainability" degrees should never be allowed to make money or have any job that does does not involve shoveling animal waste.
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