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What’s Better for the Unemployed, a Government Handout or a Private-Sector Job?

ddyer Wrote: Jun 02, 2012 10:56 PM
We're asking the same question here in Canada. The Conservative government wants to reduce the employment insurance benefits for those who're not looking for work. Of course the liberal and socialist opposition are up in arms about the changes, but with a strong majority, they're gonna go through anyway. Anybody wanna move up north?
Jerome49 Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 9:46 AM
I'll wait until you Canadians answer that question. The liberals and socialists always want more government subsidies and are quite happy to tax the hell out of anyone with a job. At some point, those who work will say "What's the use?". They will quit work, get in line with all the free loaders and start yelling "Where's mine?"

The continuing weakness in the job market, which I wrote about this morning, means that the debate over unemployment benefits will get more heated.

I’ve already noted that even left-wing academics like Paul Krugman and Larry Summers have admitted that you get more unemployment when you subsidize joblessness.

And I’ve cited some good research on the topic from the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, as well as other studies by academic economists.


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