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Obama's Electronic Medical Records Scam

Ddubya32 Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 10:02 AM
continued: and making the hospital stay saffer for the patient. EMR also makes life better for the nurses because for one things that on paper had to be performed at each hospital stay like Medication history and Medical history being recorded are now stored once and the can simply be reviewed and updated at each new visit. Your discharged from the hospital and go to see your doctor for a follow up next week? With just the click of a button he/she can review all of you test and results from your hospital stay. With E-prescribe your MD orders a prescription for you and it shoots electronically to the pharmacy for you to pick up.

Here's more evidence that government "cures" are inevitably worse than the "diseases" they seek to wipe out. Buried in the trillion-dollar stimulus law of 2009 was an electronic medical records "incentive" program. Like most of President Obama's health care rules, this top-down electronic record-sharing scheme is a big fat bust.

Oversight is lax. Cronyism is rife. The job-killing and privacy-undermining consequences have only just begun.

The program was originally sold as a cost-saving measure. In theory, modernizing record-collection is a good idea, and many private health care providers have already made the change. But as with many government "incentive" programs,...