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From another icon of the Left, Gandai: "..one cannot but help regretting that the children of such a race [Indians] should be treated as equals of the children of black heathendom and outer darkness.] For more of his insights on the Black race, see http://www.gandhism.net/gandhiandblacks.php http://www.gandhism.net/southafricanblacks.php
"DeWine said Tuesday that the Justice Department typically decides whether to get involved after the state's case is finished." Just like it did in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases. Oh, wait...
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Our Own Way -- That's All We Want

ddoright Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 2:04 PM
I would expect an article like this in the Huff and Puff (Huntington Post). After all, it is the LIBTARD goal to have a One World Government with total control over everyone to impost one standard regardless of the desires of the "Locals" (which, as one Super One World, New York Libtard commented - don't even have paved roads) . But you would think someone who writes articles for a target audience includes freedom lovers would understand the concept of self / home rule.
What WE (Americans) have to worry about is Americans interfering in places where we have no business sticking our noses.
The "god" of Islam, the 'god of this world" spoken of in 2 Corinthians 4:4, not only condones their actions, he mandates it. They are doing NOTHING that Muhammad did not only allow, but insist on. This is one reason Islam was, and is, so successful. It is a perfect religion for mankind's basic nature.
An anti-Christian / Gay Pride shirt would we welcome. Just another example of why Christians and anyone who believes in freedom needs to get the H*ll out of Libtard states like New Jersey. Then again, the RNC is going to try and cram it's Libtard Governor down the throats of the American people in the name of "inclusiveness" (in other words, lets be JUST like the Democrats in every issue except taxes for the ruling .01%), just like last time.
Latebloomer is REALLY a latebloomer. Perhaps one day (he?) will bloom and learn about the deadly affects of second hand smoke - not to mention the horrible stench tobacco smoke makes, yet smoke suckers still insist in polluting the air everywhere they go.
Lets see: firearms and cigars are a “high risk” and an “offensive industry?” To whom? Mary Poppins? Not to the millions that own and use both. Unlike firearms, there Cigars serve NO useful purpose, cost those of us who aren't addicted to the drug billions in medical expenses for those who are, but worst - NOTHING stinks like a cigar. A pig farm comes in a close second, but at least pork serves some useful purpose.
As much as I would like to blame Obama, the ultimate blame is on Bush the Second who destabilized the entire region by attacking a nation and a strong SECULAR leader that posed NO threat to the US.
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