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Would that include the extremely bloated Dept. of Defense?
Seriously Jerry? Afghanistan and Iraq destroyed the ME. (We didn't kill "terrorists" under Bush - we CREATED them.) And before that, the British after WWI. C'mon, man.
You need to cut 1.5 trillion to balance the budget. Give me your figures. Cut 1.5 trillion. Go ahead - make my day.
The military is another government program. Don't forget that. As such, it is fraught with waste.
Delicate Loyalists, These clowns don't realize they're NEO-conservatives. NEO-conservatives have NOTHING in common with REAL conservatives like Robert Taft.
No. The government has zero right to the fruits of my labor. Only excise taxes are truly constitutional.
DelicateLoyalist, I disagree about the minimum wage. The government has NO right dictating to private concerns what they can and can't pay their employees.
I would ABOLISH about 80% of the Fed. --------------------- Well then we agree. I'm glad to hear it!
Reading comprehension, "Swimware". First Amendment-TYPE issue, "Swimware". You're really reaching here, "Swimware". Drugs are not mentioned in the constitution. Ergo, it is up to the states. That is the policy position - it is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest to take that and claim that Paul wants kids to have heroin. Do you get it now? Stop being a rat.
And - can you really cut 1.5 trillion from the budget without touching defense spending? Hint: no.
Why is this such an easy issue, and yet people like you want to make it so difficult. It is easy, basic check book math. ---------------------------------------- Are so-called "conservatives" willing to cut 1.5 trillion from the budget? What would you folks cut? Unless you cut 1.5 trillion from the budget, you won't balance it. Answer the question.
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