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You forgot to put a "LOL" at the end of your post.
The "conservatives" in NYC? Those conservatives?
Actually that sounds more like an OWS protest, only without the mildewy tents and human excrement.
And who has expanded on it every chance he's gotten, including Kill Lists of U.S. citizens? Heeeeeeeeeeeres Barry!
I have to hand it to you, you have surpassed my expectations. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be more boring, you set a new standard.
If you'll notice, these giant messes usually occur in Democrat-controlled counties. They're not very good at counting.
How about the right not to be on a Presidential "kill list"?
Why don't you take your little truncheon and go remove Colonel West. I'd pay to see that. Oh, your little truncheon doesn't quite "measure up"? So sad.
I have a feeling West will still be gainfully employed while you're asking, "Ya want fries with that?"
You know, at first I thought I had you pegged as merely an idiot, but I was wrong. You're actually quite boring also. So you've got multi-dimensionality going for you.
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