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Wednesday Night Grand Slam

DD1 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 2:03 AM
I watched some MSNBC too, and the first thing Christina Matthews refers to is how Ryan's budget included the same cuts to Medicare that Obama is using for Obamacare. What they don't tell you is that his budget icluded this cut from Medicare because he was attempting to put together a budget based on Obama's plan. Same thing with the work requirments for Welfare. The say Romney is a liar and his ad is false but its indeed true. At this point the harder and louder the left cry foul on any RR policy you know that RR are telling the truth.
Steve of CA Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 6:05 AM
Why would he have to put together a budget based on Obama's plan?

GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan delivered exceptionally strong remarks in Tampa tonight, capping off an incredible hour of nationally-televised speeches from Republican headliners.  The construction and tone of Ryan's address was masterful.  He was serious, earnest, likeable -- and he took apart President Obama's record with great skill and relish.  The Congressman opened with a stark assessment of the dismal campaign President Obama has been forced to run, due to his failed record in office:

I’m the newcomer to the campaign, so let me share a first impression.  I have never seen opponents so...