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Roberts' Ruling Took Guts

DCSkeptic Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 9:32 AM
We cannot ignore the fact that Roberts said that it is NOT the SCOTUS' place to protect the people of the United States from political folly. When it was time to stand up and act with integrity, Roberts 'abstained'. The final decision was 5-4, which means that Kagen did NOT recuse herself, and was not recused by Roberts. We cannot ignore the fact that Obamacare was presented to the SCOTUS, not as a tax, but as a mandated fee. The Administration argued that. Roberts decided for them that it's a tax. Since when does the SCOTUS get tor redefine legislation that's before them so that they can then give it a pass? SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts is a coward. I want him impeached and removed. I seriously do. It won't happen, but it should.

Why not just cut open a goat and be done with it?

In ancient Rome, a special kind of priest called a haruspex would "read" the entrails of sheep to divine the will of the gods, the health of the growing season, or whatever else was weighing on the minds of men. Because animal guts don't, in fact, impart that much information about, say, next year's wheat harvest, the haruspices (called "auspices" in Latin -- from which we get the English word) could pretty much make it up as they went along. The same went for the auguries (priests who studied...