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The Founders’ Key

DCSkeptic Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 10:38 AM
The Liberal bias in Green's videos is so pervasive that it's distracting from the relevant content, rendering the watching of them, a chore, unless you're a Liberal.
While having been one of the pairs of 'boots on the ground' is no guarantee of sound decision-making ability on policy, it's certainly a perspective advantage
The recent failures of TEA Party-backed candidates reflects a lack of money, not a lack of populist support.
"In essence, the global war on drugs is a UN scheme to shrug drug war costs off rich countries’ shoulders and onto poor Latin American countries, with horrifyingly violent results." Proof? Something? Anything? Perhaps a UN document detailing this horrible evil plot? "Much of the recent child migrant crisis is a direct result of children fleeing cartel violence and conscription into criminal gangs." Proof? Do South American children suddenly, en-masse, in a coordinated fashion, rise up and flee their nations, with the connivance of their governments for free transportation and temporary regional passports, in conjunction with US Democrat encouragement, and run to the US border? That would make this the most amazingly capable and naive group of children since Europe's fabled Children's Crusade of 1212, and equally mendacious. "When drug prices are high, cartels will step up and produce. By keeping demand for cannabis and cocaine high, but supply low, the US in essence forced the Latin America economy to revolve around drugs." So it's the US' fault that they're drug pushers. This is like blaming the rape victim for wearing sexy clothing. Shame on you, Cathy Reisenwitz.
The claim ignores US military air bases with fighter support, en-route. Like Sigonella NAS, Italy, 420 miles from Aviano and 1 hour flight from Libya. WIth all due respect to Brig. Gen. Scott Zobrist, his claim of 20 hours to get fighters in place, does not wash.
It's interesting that no one mentions Sigonella Naval Air Station, in Sicily. It's about 1 hour flight from Libya, and there's fighters on station there. It's a 430 mile trip from Aviano Italy, down to Sig, even idling along that's less than 2 hours. For a military commander to claim that it would take 20 hours to get from Aviano to Benghazi is ludicrous.
An apology is just more carbon dumped into the atmosphere :) If Colorado gets rid of their Bloomberg-paid for gun legislation, the politicans who voted for it could claim that they have the integrity to admit when they made a mistake and reversed it because their top priority is what's the people of Colorado want. I doubt this will happen, so I hope Coloradans have the integrity to make their displeasure clear at the ballot box for years to come.
I took the time to read the original article that Greenberg is catapulting from, and it's excellent. While the names of Florence King and Dorothy Parker (mentioned in the article) rings a bell, both escape my memory. It makes me feel so intellectually impoverished that I shall have to enrich myself in the coming hour by correcting this oversight. The indictment of Ann is an indictment of our modern culture. Ann is not the cause, she's the symptom and it's telling that she's good friends with Bill Maher. We are so far from where we should be. We have not culturally or even intellectually progressed, we have devolved and that's what Ms. King shined a spotlight on.
"Rep Presidential candidate" Typing too fast, sorry about that.
Goldwater was Conservative, Reagan was Conservative. Every other Rep President since Eisenhower has been not been Conservative. The TEA Party are Conservatives. Not Corporatist Republicans. The TEA Party doesn't care about Dem or Rep, they care about Conservative principles wherever they find them. Morning Joe is right; the TEA Party are the real RINOs.
The Republican Party has been undercutting and attacking the TEA Party at every turn, and deliberately minimized or completely withheld support for TEA Party candidates in the 2012 and 2013 elections. The Republican Party does not 'have the TEA Party' any more, except maybe, by default. And the TEA Party isn't about default voting.
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