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In Syria, Obama Makes a Tough Call Tougher

Dcruce Wrote: Aug 31, 2013 8:41 AM
Many Blue Star and Gold Star families would be relieved should our administration stop deploying their loved ones to these countries where they are not wanted, goals and expectations are not realized and eventually the clock chimes their hour. Much the same as for many of us who were in RVN and our sons who were in Iraq, Kosovo, Benghazi, Libya and countless other S--- holes. I believe the American Soldier to be the best fighting force on this planet, but it is difficult to win against the administration, the MSM, American Politicians and the people you are supposed to be fighting. Bring them home. These people have been killing each other for several thousand years our influence will only exacerbate the inevitable.
Hopefully one day you will be the object of the BATFE's attention. Children and infants can't choose their parents. Butch Reno did the same thing in Waco we later saw in Miami when a little boy became a good communist at the expense of the govt. Randy Weaver's wife and child died at the hands of ROE that was criminal, but again was federal agents pulling the trigger. The only time they should have capped someone was when John Walker Lynn returned to the states or those being protected to be released and return to the battlefield ifrom Gitmo.
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