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You asked for a comparison. Ok, Walker. Boots on the ground in Syria? Really? Defend freedom all around the world? What does that mean? I'll bet Walker doesn't know where...Bahrain is. Someone probably told him two weeks ago where the Strait of Hormuz is and why its important. He did however figure out if President Obama loves America. After some handlers told him what to say he now thinks the answer is yes.
Bush II
That's right. O'Reilly was so incisive and devastating in his Obama critique that... what? "They" paid off the CBS journalists who were in the "war zone" to smear The Factor? Apparently Bin Laden wasn't a friend. Nor all those killed in the numerous drone attacks.
Let's be fair. Scott Walker on foreign policy is problematic to say the least. He will receive foreign policy tutorials and memorize short answers to complex problems, but his knowledge will be superficial at best. GWB's foreign policy was hijacked because of his ignorance and the same problem would exist for Walker. Yes, we can do worse the Obama on foreign policy---a lot worse.
Mr. Glass, I understand the sadness and disillusionment one may feel seeing evidence that O'Reilly misrepresented past events. However, attacking others as having an agenda does not address the charges. The evidence points to a journalist version of false valor. If one relies on Fox and Townhall they will never have to seriously address his misrepresentations, it can be blamed on "them" out to get one of "ours." In fact, if one never looks deeper this controversy will burnish O'Reilly's image. The Fox brand is not truth, but don't trust "them." No Spin Zone? Give me a break.
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