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As a left-wing, union supporter I can tell you many teachers are against the core standards. Why? Because the curriculum that is peddled to meet the standards lacks intellectual rigor. Reading short excerpts from great literary works is not experiencing great literature---it's Reader's Digest. The Obama Administration's education policies are deeply flawed. We can find common ground here.
I love this stuff. You want to know why the Republicans lost---too many hold ignorant views like Angel56. I actually want the Republicans to find strong candidates---but the right has dipped too often in lake looney.
In Gilespeak, the problem with this "get tough" advice is that Romney can't hold the AK, the spray misses the target. Best for Mitt to simply hold up the pen as writes the checks for his Cayman accounts and rightfully boast that he'll be good for people like himself.
It is saying, "don't be a female." It fits with the tough-guy, shades, hyper-massculine Giles image. At least he's consistent. Lacks class. Give me William Buckley any day.
Mr. Giles implores Gov. Romney not to become female genitalia for the debates. And some wonder why Obama is up twenty points for women voters. I miss the old school conservatives, less name calling, more principled analysis.
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Rasmussen Tracking: Obama: 46, Romney: 46

DCR Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 3:41 PM
Romney will lose--for the Democrats he is the gift that keeps on giving.
Is that last sentence an Obama quote?
fought them
Grandfather's service wasn't it---his father was Kenyan and would probably have wanted to fight the British. And who could blame him, we fight them for our independence.
C'mon, he also said they didn't include the full question in the tape which was untrue. This is obvious backpedalling and damage control. I realize it must be difficult to support such a flawed candidate, but at some point you'll have to own it. Well, Nov. 7th the handwringing will start.
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