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The biggest problem is the elections are rigged. Obama shouldn't have won either election. Voter fraud is running rampant and the Republican because of the settlement in a lawsuit from the 60's cannot protest an election due to voter fraud. As long as the democrats are running things and giving away all these freebies we will never be the nation we once was. I think our only chance will be civil war. Elections can't solve our problem anymore.
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Guns and Grade-School Panic

dcote963 Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 10:52 AM
Zero Tolerance is idiotic. The individual that starts the fight should be the one punished not the one defending himself. The incidence of bullying is actually going up. Most Bullies are cowards and only pick on people that don't fight back. If you show them they are going to get bloodied too they will stop bothering you but with no tolerance usually those being bullied are good students and don't want to get in trouble and be suspended so they put up with it. That's also why there are so many suicides by kids being bullied. 50 years ago when I was in school there were bullies but you didn't have kids committing suicide back then. We need to change the school system and when also need tort reform to stop these frivolous lawsuits. If the person who institutes a lawsuit will be responsible for all lawyers fees and court cost and time lost and some kind of damages if they loose the suit the number of these suits would drop drastically for if they weren't absolutely sure they were going to win most of these suits would go away. This non-sense of limiting free speech just because someone did something bad with a gun is stupid. When I was a child all the kids in the neighborhood with get their favorite toy gun and we would play either cops and robbers or cowboys in indians or army and we would use our imagination and we would be playing outside for hours and hours. Some of us even had guns that fired cork projectiles. I had a replica of a Civil War Musket that used a cap to fire a cork ball. Guns aren't bad and they are part of our history. All the Gun Laws and Gun Bans in the world won't stop gun crime. Criminals and Crazy people including terrorist don't live by the law. They don't purchase weapons legally and they don't care if they are registered or legal. Fully automatic weapons have been banned since the 1930's yet the drug cartels and other groups carry the hand held fully automatic pistols like the MAC10 on a daily basis it's there weapon of choice. Much more dangerous than the so called assault rifles which is a misnomer real assault rifles are like the M16 series which have a fully automatic setting. The AR15 is basically a replica of the M16 but it only fires one round at a time it just looks like it's mean but it's no different than any rifle. The other problem is there are more people killed each year by being hit in the head with a hammer than are killed from all rifles including the so called assault rifles are we going to ban hammers next.
Liberals are idiots. Criminals don't give a damn about laws that's why they are called criminals. They don't buy weapons legally because they can't pass the background checks so they steal or acquire them illegally. Fully Automatic weapons have been banned since the 1930's in all states yet gangs and cartels are using them all the time. Criminals don't buy there guns legally any place not even at gun shows. They don't want the guns traced to them so they usually steal them or get them from someone else who stole them. You could confiscate every legal weapon in the US and you wouldn't change a thing. Actually in many areas where there is large gun ownership and gun carry the gun crime rate would escalate just like it did in England. Liberal never believe anything that doesn't support their agenda otherwise they would stop this non-sense. Look at the areas with the strictest gun laws and you will find the most gun crime. I think our only solution is going to be civil war to take back the country. Liberals have gotten their way for too long and not expect everything to go their way. It's a shame what the liberals have done to this country without realizing it. I hope jesus comes back soon I don't think the human race is worth saving.
Obama is a traitor and needs to be removed from office immediately. He's a embarassment to the country going around blaming america and it's constitution for everyting under the sun. We need Obama Out and we need to start demanding he be removed immediately.
That's the ridiculousness of these no tolerance policies. People who shouldn't always get hurt just to make it easier on the administrators. They don't have to make any decisions that way they don't make any mistakes and they can't be blamed for anything. He made an honest mistake. He hurt no one. He put no one in danger and he didn't purposely bring the gun on school property. He found it after he got their. When you don't have these idiotic no tolerance policies than you look at the individual and that persons history. When someone never does anything wrong and makes a simple mistake to destroy their life is insane which shows how stupid liberals are. They would rather let all the criminals in the immigrant community stay to get their...
We are leading towards Socialism that's whats killing our economy. All the new regulations and taxes are killing small business and the cost of obamacare to small businesses is stopping any kind of expansion and causing the cut back in hours and therefore cutting back on the average yearly salary. We need to roll back all regulations to the 1980's the last time we had real prosperity.
I thought Laws are supposed to apply to everyone. We aren't supposed to have laws that only apply to one group or another. They are ramming this Obamacare down our throats even though more than half the people are against it. We need to repeal Obamacare and deport all illegal aliens and seal our borders. That would save us billions every year. We wouldn't have to print everything in 2 languages. I have not figured out why we do that we never did that for any other immigrant group why do we do it for a group that isn't coming here to become citizens and don't even try to assimilate. We don't need them here. They are using our resources and money and we are getting almost nothing in return. They should be deported immediately.
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College Shuts Down Student Bible Study

dcote963 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 7:41 AM
I don't care what you do in your own home. The problem is you don't keep it there. My grandchildren go to school and they are taught that homosexuality is good and normal and isn't a sin. The schools are teaching that my religion is wrong and that I'm wrong in the eyes of my grand children that's what I object to. Just go to a muslim country and live like you do. They stone people for that on the spot no trial. You keep it hidden and I don't care but when you try to force me to accept something which I find unacceptable that's what I object to. If it were normal to be Homosexual we would procreate asexually.
The first amendment is like that too when it comes to freedom of religion. Every version of the Bible says homosexuality is a sin but if you say that you are a bigot and a homophobe. Also when you say you are against abortion you're wrong. According to liberals the 1st amendment only applies to things that liberals favor. The second amendment means you can have a weapon suitable for hunting. We need to split the country in 2 put anyone who doesn't like our constitution on 1 side of the country and those who believe in our constitution as is on the other side of the country. Build a wall between the 2 halves so the liberals won't infiltrate our half. In five to 10 years the liberal side will go broke and we can buy it for a song.
No he's black so it's OK. You got to be white to commit a hate crime. Just ask Holder. Whites have done worst things according to him so blacks get a pass.
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