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College Shuts Down Student Bible Study

dcote963 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 7:41 AM
I don't care what you do in your own home. The problem is you don't keep it there. My grandchildren go to school and they are taught that homosexuality is good and normal and isn't a sin. The schools are teaching that my religion is wrong and that I'm wrong in the eyes of my grand children that's what I object to. Just go to a muslim country and live like you do. They stone people for that on the spot no trial. You keep it hidden and I don't care but when you try to force me to accept something which I find unacceptable that's what I object to. If it were normal to be Homosexual we would procreate asexually.

Officials at a Florida college ordered a group of students to shut down a Bible study they were holding in the privacy of a dorm room – because it violated the rules.

The incident occurred at Rollins College in the midst of a campus battle over whether religious groups that require their leaders to follow specific religious beliefs are violating the school’s non-discrimination policies.

Four students affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship were holding an informal Bible study in the common area of a dorm suite. Midway through the study, a resident hall assistant entered the room and asked the student leading...