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Did the Obama "Genuises" Steal the Data?

dcopeland Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 7:19 AM
i am also curious as to why noone is asking these questions? It would not be hard to calibrate voting machines to double the score on Dem votes, and change Rep votes behind the scenes. What makes me think all the more so are the incidents of voting machines outright changing votes from dem to rep. A very common slight of hand move, watch my left hand while my right hand does the damage.

There was an interesting article out of Time Magazine  ( in which they interviewed the tech geniuses behind the Obama victory. Like so much of the exposure of anything pertaining to the President, this piece only raises more questions than the answers it purports to deliver.

For one, if you were in fact the man who successfully elected and then re-elected the leader of the Free World, why would you preferred to remain anonymous?

The narrative of both elections is that Obama twice used the smartest technological campaign teams on his ride from community organizer to leader of the free...

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