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Want More in Taxes? Create a Job

dconnelly Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 1:19 PM
Some percentage of the retired seniors are parasites. There are a number of them that did not work at all or payed very little into the system. In a large number of cases, there are children collecting the benefits that a dead parent may (or may not) have paid into the system. There is a percentage of retired seniors collecting benefits that have no need of social security payments. Then there are the dead ones whose families or nursing homes are still collecting their benefits. So, yes, there are many parasites on the system.

The millionaire poster boy of the tax-the-rich crowd, who amazed everyone with the revelation that rich people don’t pay their fair share by his talking about his own example, has released his tax returns online with an accompanying asterisk because the truth is a lot less dramatic than his claims.

Turns out that Eric Schoenberg, chief cheerleader for United for a Fair Economy, only made about $37,000 after he paid his expenses, local taxes and accounted for charitable contributions.

He originally claimed he had income of over $200,000.  

After telling the AP that he only paid one percent in...