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Walker charges completely proven false and politically motivated by Demoncraps. Christie - he might as well be one of yours. Perry - more unproven charges brought by a convicted DUI county Demoncrap district attorney. Palin - stepped down rather than forcing her state to keep paying legal fees for invalid charges that the corrupt demoncrap party kept throwing at her. McDonald - actually didn't commit a crime in the state, but it looked corrupt. His wife was the guilty one. He just took the charge for her.
So is "anti-Theist" (against God or gods) the latest term for devil worship or for atheism? The elite have coined yet another word for their vocabulary without defining it.
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As If On Cue…

dconnelly Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 6:04 PM
Absolutely wrong, unless the speaker is intentionally trying to provoke certain actions ("Kill the Pigs !! comes to mind). But way too often, the people hearing a sentence said by someone else misunderstand what was said because they 1) didn't hear all of the words, 2) they didn't understand the meaning of some of the words, 3) they heard what they wanted to hear and not what was actually said, etc.
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A Magic Pen And An Empty Suit

dconnelly Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 8:45 AM
He only delivers a heck of a speech when teleprompters are around him. If something happens to them, he babbles and stammers like a fool.
After having talked with a Kenya-born-and-raised coworker, he had told me that 60 years is long-lived in Africa. They don't have the advantages of clean water, medical education and attention, and good nutrition that we have here. I suspect that we Americans will have a much better survival rate for victims of the ebola virus than those in third-world countries.
I wonder how much of this is occurring because the secret service just doesn't like this president and his family?
Silly you... Food stamps and free Obamaphones come first !!!
Unfortunately, gays are being allowed to adopt other folks' babies. And so they perpetuate themselves....
These are teachers making the comments...
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