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Smoking Pot and Tying the Knot

DCM in FL Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 3:11 PM
"Your implication that it will not be enough comes from your own opinion that LGBT people are sick, not from any objective reality." Typical. If you agree with something, it's "objective reality." If you don't, it's "someone's opinion." Sorry, but I can't un-know what I've learned about homosexuality (almost entirely first- or second-hand from people who are or have been "gay") just so more people with agree with me. "Marriage equality" would mean everyone's held to the same standards regarding marriage. That's exactly the opposite of what "gays" want.

Last Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed for the first time to take on the issue of gay marriage. No matter how it rules in the two cases it will hear next spring, polling data suggest it is only a matter of time before legal recognition of same-sex unions is the norm throughout the country.

Something similar is happening with marijuana, which became legal in Washington last week and in Colorado on Monday. With both pot and gay marriage, familiarity is breeding tolerance.

The cases before the Supreme Court deal with popular reactions against gay marriage: the Defense of Marriage Act...