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Pro-Life Debate Prep

DCM in FL Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 10:51 AM
Your post is typical disingenuous pro-abortion bunk, overflowing with strawman arguments and other fallacies & inaccuracies - almost too many to address. Just for a start, you ignore the simple fact that abortion rates *skyrocketed* after Roe vs. Wade. Secondly, there is no such thing as "compulsory childbirth" because there is virtually no such thing as "compulsory pregnancy." Also, most "pro-lifers" do not favor banning contraceptives, but do recognize that they're no substitute for sexual responsibility - a crucial thing that on-demand abortion advocates callously demand "freedom" from. Finally, I see you still don't recognize the term "anti-choice" as the red flag for fallacious bias that it is.
In the four decades since Roe v. Wade first opened wide the floodgates of abortion in America, those of us fighting to protect the unborn and their mothers have had, unfortunately, no shortage of public relations gaffes and poor explanations for the greater public.

That is perhaps why so many pundits agree that despite Mitt Romney’s strong performance in Denver, President Obama need only mention the “war on women” in one of the remaining debates to bring him to his knees. Even though pro-life self-identification is more prevalent than the President’s position of taxpayer-funded abortion on-demand, the fact that Republicans...