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Kids Write Obama on Abortion

DCM in FL Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 7:45 AM
"I just believe in rights for homosexuals. What's wrong with that?" The fact that "gays" already have the same rights as everyone else, but want special ones that they don't merit. That's what's wrong with that. (On another note, why do people accuse people who talk about "gay" rights of being "gay"?) "ALL pro-choicers want to prevent as many abortions as possible, including me." All? Well, all abortion providers count as "pro-choicers," but I guarantee they don't want to prevent ANY abortions. If you want to prevent as many abortions as possible, you are in SHARP disagreement with the abortion industry that you defend; and you are their "useful idiot."

I’m getting sick and tired of the Obama administration using children selectively in order to help the president advocate his public policy positions. As I sat and watched his recent press conference, I finally understood his opposition to the Iraq War. It seems he and the late President Hussein are kindred spirits who share more than just a name. They share a sick penchant for using children as human shields in the middle of war. And make no mistake about it; America is currently at war with itself on many different fronts. As I sat and watched Obama surrounded by little...