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Big D, it does NOT reduce spending. But in order to pass this bill and eliminate the IRS and income taxes and the myriad of taxes, it MUST have 'bi-partisan' support..... The % cannot be increased from the 23% without a super majority of congressional support...... 'The Flattax' is exactly what we stated out with in 1913-16... And lobbyists, many republicans amongst them, just love to add more deductions.......
Johnm, the FairTax' covers all of this. To be fair, you really need to read about it... And the 131 pages of the legislation.... Will you? http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer
To say NOTHING about the 'imbedded taxes we NOW PAY in everything we buy, including on used goods. [About 22-1/2%] Which would NOT be taxed under 'The FairTax' I am surprised that you would write such a article, while being so terribly mis-informed.
Oh, I forgot, there are all but 4-5 states that already have a 'sales tax' and a state revenue system............
Mr Adler. You have obviously NOT read the HR25 legislation! It is only 131 pages long and VERY simple........... What is YOUR interest in keeping the IRS and income tax? ? ? ? ? The 'income tax' is Marxist doctrine, that we have put up with for way tooo long...... And it has been and will continue to be used as a tool to manipulate.... Yes, there are parts that I think need adjustment, but it is SO MUCVH better than the EVIL system we now have.
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