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View the film Obama 2016 and you'll find out where his heart is.
Fools who think that these horrific tragedies are about gun laws are perpetuating the problem and that includes the Obama administration. As with Columbine, Aurora, Jonesboro, VA Tech and now Newtown, this is ALL about the decay of our society and the isolation and marginalization of mentally ill young people. Progressive policies that discouraged personal responsibility, diminished the regard for human life and destroyed family networks and the precious support and comfort they provide have only served to create a generation of young people who have nowhere to turn when life overwhelmes xthem. Technology has encouraged isolation and glorified violence as has liberal Hollywood. Funny how we NEVER hear Obama talk abut THOSE issues, hmm?
Remember that Eugenics promoter, Margaret Sanger, is Hillary Clinton's heroine.
Obama got reelected. I wouldn't put any stupid action past my fellow countrymen anymore.
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Reid Keeps Digging

dcatov budesa Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 3:10 PM
So we now have Reid on the record categorically declaring that ideology is more important to him and his party than is the good of the nation and its citizens. Good to know.
You have profoundly underestimated the mood of the country. My husband and my best friend lost their jobs last month. Another friend learned her health insurance premiums will rise by $100 per week. Don't insult our intelligence by pretending that things are better. We know better.
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