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I agree that liberals are essentially mentally ill but it's not true that there's never been right wing violence. For example Timothy McVeigh was not a left winger (although there's some reason to be skeptical of the official story behind the OKC bombing, but by saying that I probably alienate the majority of people reading this & come off like a nut - whatever.) What's silly though is how the mainstream media acts like ALL politically motivated violence is right wing and treat leftism as synonymus with peace and non-violence. A recent extreme example being how they lionized a convicted terrorist named Nelson Mandela as an icon of peace just recently.
He's right though, their pride is their downfall. At the same time though republican candidates need to be real fiscal conservatives and not the Mitt Romney "at least he's not as bad as Obama" type in order to gain libertarian support.
You have to make a distinction between 'small l' and 'big L' libertarians. The latter comprise the Libertarian Party and their biggest issues are things like gay marriage and abortion. They often espouse egalitarian ideals which really have nothing to do with real libertarian philosophy, which is just that you shouldn't initiate force against other people.
What good is 'a voice' when the economic policies you're voting for are impoverishing you?
It's irrelevant to him believe me. Black = good, white = bad, period is how they see it. Anything else = racist.
The incidence of reported rapes has actually gone down in correlation with the increase in porn consumption via the internet in recent years.
It's funny how a person with a similar political philosophy as Thomas Jefferson qualifies as an unAmerican nut case to the modern conservative.
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