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We as a country should be following the immigration laws but its hard when the opres is so set on not enforcing them.
You are right, this guy is milktoast. The situation is this. Republicans spend more time fighting among themselves than with the demorats. They need to campaign for one another, and get togetjher on these issues. Get the conservatives more speaking room instead of Mc Cain, Graham and Ayotte.Get a new speaker or just shut him up. tell the chairman to let others speak.Talk more about how bad this admin. is. Forget saying obama is a nice guy. He's not.Holder is not. Jarrett is not. Michelle is not.Get the word out on democrats and hillary.Keep talking about the exonomy and Benghazi and the IRS.
I agree with this man but what is he running for? Tio keep his job or get a different one?
Maybe all the illegals are not mexicans or hispanics? Maybe some are from the middle east and are islamists with an easy way in.
How can ICE deliver these children to illegals here already since they say they want amnesty so they can bring these people out of the shadows (find the illegals)??? Sounds like they are found, so give them their children and deport the whole bunch.
Obama gas millions let him pay for his own library or use donations. Please let it be in illinois or hawaii. The farther away the better. He could expell the United nations and use that property do the world a favor at the same time.
We dont need any new laws. If we started enforcing the laws on the books the problem would be solved.We have not been enforcing it for a long time and then obama comes in and says do not enforce these laws lets make new ones.
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Hollywood Discovers Sharia Law is Bad

dcarman Wrote: May 19, 2014 11:39 AM
You are right that is what it says. What you need to understand is put it in perspective. What was wrong in those days is still wrong in Gods eyes but now we treat things differently. Most of us say live and let live. God does not expect you to find a homosexual and kill him anymore than an adulterer or a murderer. Its all left to courts now.We are not lawless anymore well not entirely.
You are so right. The victims dont get a last chance to speak. Nor are they accorded any sense of comfort.Why must murderers b executed with careful consideration of their well being?They are about to die.Does it really matter to majority of folks how?
Washington DC has more crime than most of the 49 other states ,townships or whatever.Why wont he have a trial by jury? A jury would find him innocent of these ridiculous charges,. Corruption is rife in our judicial system and getting worse with every frivolous case brought to court.
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