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Immigration Gambles: Part II

d'Brit Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 8:31 PM
The RINO's to whom you refer are the tip of the iceberg. The Republican party is beholden to its largest donors. Consider that 60% of the 2012 contributions to Romney's Presidential campaign came from big donors. That is NOT an implicit criticism of Romney, such would have been the case no matter whom had been the nominee. Those big donors; corporate titans and rich conservative donors are NOT primarily interested in small government values or in maintaining the judeo/christian values and greco/roman roman cultural values that formed the basis for our Constitution and the culture that our founding fathers bequeathed to us. They are interested in short-term profits and the economic status quo. As ever, money talks and the rest walk...

Whose interests are immigration laws supposed to serve -- and whose interests do current immigration reform proposals actually serve?

In order to have any immigration policy serve any purpose, the border must first be secured. Otherwise American immigration policy exists only on paper, and is mocked by what happens on the ground, as masses of people cross the border illegally, in disregard of whatever policies are embodied in our laws.

Moreover, all the people who cross the border from Mexico are not Mexican. They can easily include Middle East terrorists. The fact that this obvious threat has been blithely ignored for years, in...