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#StopCommonCore Rally Draws 9.7 Million

dboone Wrote: May 06, 2013 4:28 PM
You are 100% right. I'm in CA and have just rewritten our English curriculum to match the core. It's actually ok but then I'm in a private school so we can customize a lot. I scoured the history and saw no mention of the People's History though...while the Common Core has issues I think there's A LOT of silly sensationalism around it. As for math, in my district most of the 9th graders repeat Algebra because they lose it all over summer - we should have year round school with little breaks every quarter! That would change SO much!
I guess I don't understand what all the outrage is about. They agree to DEBATE. Not pass a new law. Not take away "all the guns". Just debate. Isn't that the function of the Senate and the House? To debate issues in order to solve problems in a democratic forum that adheres to the rules and ideals set forth in the Constitution?
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CBS Apologizes for Anti-American Show

dboone Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 2:55 PM
So television programs should sanitize life and culture in other countries to make sure AMericans aren't offended? That's a surefire way to keep Americans ignorant of the world outside our borders. American soliders are heroes. Fact. Vietnam had a war with the U.S. Fact. Vietnam has a war memorial that celebrates what they consider a win - shooting down a U.S. plane that attacked them. Fact. Vietnam is a Socialist country who sings songs about their system of government. Fact. The Amazing Race showed these things. SO WHAT? That's a part of life in Vietnam. Knowing about it, seeing it, acknowledging it, does not cheapen the honor of U.S. soliders. The U.S. military isn't above reality.
Broken families are a huge problem. But so is poverty, which is caused by a myriad of issues, inclusing single parenthood. When I taught middle school in a very poor community, many of my sixth graders would cry/have great anxiety when summer began because they knew that they would no longer be sure of having breakfast and lunch each day. Many of them were children of working parents. It was heartbreaking.
So what if pot isn't harmless. It's still about personal liberty. If I want to spend my life high/drunk/fat/angry/sucidal/whatever, I should be at liberty to do so. Obviously, my rights end where yours begin but that works both ways. Just because someone has a moral/social objection to someone else being high doesn't justify prohibition. I think we can (I hope) agree that being arrested, prosecuted, and then sentenced to prison is FAR more harmful to a person than smoking weed! Plus, how fiscally irresponsible is that whole process? I can get help to quit getting high. I can't get a felony off my record (and thus, vote in some states, be hired, get loans, live a normal life)
Of course it's about criminalization. So what if pot has consquences? So does eating fried food. Or drinking a 2 liter of soda a day. Or sitting on your couch all day and never exercising. Or smoking a cigarette. Or drinking a beer. Why not make those things illegal too? You don't deal with possible SELF-INFLICTED consequences by creating a draconian legal system that creates criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens. That just creates the the very cultural problems you are trying to combat with the misguided idea of prohibition. You want change? Then start a SOCIAL campaign against pot. Not a legal one.
Me thinks this story would receive a very different response if Germany was replaced with...oh say..."Iran" and Christian with...hmmm.."Islam". Just saying...
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Hillary in the Hot Seat on Capitol Hill

dboone Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 12:23 PM
Aren't you the same people who lost your minds when Sarah Palin was attacked for her appearence? What's with the hundreds of "Hillary is so ugly" posts? Honestly, most of the posts here perfectly capture what is fundamentally wrong with our political system. Each extreme side hates (literally HATES) the other so much that no matter what the facts are, the problems are, or the situation, the other side is the EVIL ENEMY OUT TO DESTROY AMERICA. Get real people. WE are all Americans!! Stop fearing and hating on your fellow citizens and try being calm for once!! If you honestly believe your democractically elected officials are trying to actively ruin America to turn us into some facist dictatorship, you should know Costco has cheap...
Excuse my typos - new keyboard =)
This perception that Planned Parenthood is just a giant abortion mill is totally wrong. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was still grad school and neither my husband or myself had health insurance (or a lot of money). I went to Planned Parenthood for all my prenatal care for the first trimester. Never ONCE was I asked if I wanted an abortion. Instead, I was examined and helped by several high quality OBGYN professionals who provided me with free prenatal vitamins and literture on having a healthy pregnancy. Planned Parenthood helps MILLIONS of women have healthy pregnacies and provide valuable health services many women could not otherwise afford (or the state would end paying MORE for). Abortions = tiny %
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