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I have an arsenal of guns that I have collected over the years and I am law abiding citizen that values life just like any other normal human being. Does that make me a gun addict? I like guns... big freaking deal. It's a hobby for me and I am sure for many others. I get irritated when I and other good people that own guns get a label on our head for some crazy young kid(s) and yes... they were kids(20-25 years old) go and kill innocent people. That's insane to even imply it.
he vowed to get the country on a balanced budget, but after he won... he won't even discuss it. He just keeps wanting to raise the "debt ceiling"
very well said
lol... yep... me too... I had a premonition in 08 when he got elected... I'm ready too
I think your exaggerating a bit.... their are millions of people that enjoy collecting and shooting them recreationally.. myself included. I have been a gun collector for many years. Unfortunately... Obama is going to make things difficult now for all the law abiding citizens. I don't think this is all about gun control.... it is about power. He is overstepping his authority in doing this and I don't blame the millions of people that are probably just going to ignore his law judging from what I have heard. In return... if he tries to confiscate... it could get ugly. I hope it doesn't... but this is just plain wrong. It is immoral, unethical and more importantly unconstitutional what he is doing and I hope and pray it gets blocked somehow.
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