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This definitely needs to put in front of all of the public; particularly those that have been buying Obama's divisive, half-truth, lying rhetoric!
That just shows that Romney wants to run on his record, and plans of action, where Obama has neither, so he must attack. He must avoid at all costs discussing his record. Therin lies the proof of his poor performance; performance in actions and even poorer performance in meeting his campaign promises!
I think that youi have hit the nail on the head! I have always felt that Holder was stone walliung to protect the great Obozo!
AMEN! I share your fears, and they truly are fears, and do pray that we are all saved from another term from this power hungry, liberal fool. I don't think he fears our Savior, but he does fear what we all perceive as the truth! He can't handle it!
I think you meant to say, he spends a fraction of the time IN Washington that Presidents Reagan and Bush did! If that indeed is not what you meant,then you are spending less time in reality than any normal sane person!
You also don't let the American tax payers pay your greens fees, or allow them to pay for million dollar vacations for you
You are right! Clinton turned tail and ran after the downing of a Black Hawk chopper!
What is the problem with our dministrations cognative powers? The "Buffet Rule" will generate $48 billion, a mere fraction of the +$1trillion forecast deficit. Using our own natural reaources, such as coal, and bringing in the Keystone pipoeline to help off-set Middle East oil, and maimizing use of our own proven oil reserves, prohibited by the same Obama with the cognative problems, will ease our trade deficit, generate money to off set the constantly soaring budget deficits! Why does he not understand this? Oh! I forgot, he needs the "Greenies" votes!
I guess some things can rub off onto people. So far it has shown that deceit, or out right lies, and manipulation of the facts has rubbed off of Obama right onto Carney!
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