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Did Gallup Just Cave to Liberal Pressure?

dbell Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 10:57 AM
Unless, of course, there is a lot of voter fraud, which I expect from the left. I'm really worried about that.
What the pundits never think to ask Matthews is: "is there any criticism of Obama that would not be racist?" The answer for him is "of course not". Matthews is a one trick pony who appears to have lost all sense of sanity. I don't understand why people pay any attention to him at all. The guys is certifiable loon.
Is that a serious question?
How would that A-- H--- know anything about them. What a total and complete jerk he is. Shouldn't even still be on the air after his sleezy behaviour.
Well, it is damning enough. Good grief!!!! What is the matter with you people.
The bottom line is this woman is a liar!!!
A career in entertainment. Good! Get him out of the White House and on to a stage somewhere. He is far more fitted to that career. Entertainer, not leader.
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Better Than Paul Ryan

dbell Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:01 AM
But what is the alternative. It wouldn't matter who got the nod or even the Presidency. This mess is not going to be fixed overnight. We need to sensible people, like Ryan, the turn this train around and at least get it headed in the right direction.
It's a lot easier than trusting the LIAR IN CHIEF!!!!!
Well, anyone who has been paying any attention at all, knows that there were problems with having things ready in London for the olympics. If anyone knows about that, it would be Romney. This is just one more thing for the left to find fault with him. They care not if what they say is true. Criticize now and deal with the truth later. That is their MO.
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