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Only Voters Can Stop the Insidious Spread of Socialism

Dbeaux30 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 9:04 AM
All of congress and potus are now subject to the majority vote of the people. As long as the 17th amendment is in place, the minority are without protection against any legislation that the majority demand. This is called a democracy not a republic. Who in their right mind will vote no on a popular UNcontitutional law if it will cost them their jobs. That is why they pass the buck and cost to "we the people" and the judiciary. Even though they all take an oath to uphold the constitution, they don't even bother to read some bills, let alone decide whether or not it is constitutional.

Now that Election 2012 is shaping up as a contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney, an observation and a prediction.

Our nation heads into a presidential campaign with an incumbent whose online birth certificate and Selective Service registration card are almost certainly forgeries, and this is a nonissue. (Don't ask about the subpoena from a Georgia court that Obama ignored. Everyone else did, too.)

That's the observation. The prediction is that unless voters come to view Barack Obama as a "socialist" -- even a "democratic socialist" -- and, as such, an existential threat to our (in theory)...