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Incest and Pedophilia, the New Frontier

Dbeaux30 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 11:53 AM
The Lord has foretold it through His prophets. He will return after the falling away and subsequent restoration of all things. His church (not just any church) will be cut from the mountain without hands and fill the whole earth with Him returning and presiding during the millennium. This is the awakening you speak of and it will be embodied in His church. It will not include those who simply say Lord Lord. Saying you believe is insufficient.
Veteran reporter Sharon Waxman knew she'd found a new low. Reporting from the Toronto Film Festival, she revealed the viewpoint of director Nick Cassavetes, which she summarized in a headline: "Who Gives a Damn? Love Who You Want." The topic was incest.

Hollywood's march to tear down -- to obliterate, really -- every boundary of sexual decency should compel even the harshest accusers of social conservatives like Rick Santorum to apologize profusely. They were wrong to mock conservatives for warning of the extremes, as we're lurching so quickly and easily into the darkest "love who you want" extremes of the...

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