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From Hope and Change to Fear and Smear

dbartlett Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 7:44 AM
Politics have become the most un-savory jobs in our country, especially since Obama's presidency....I would never want my children or grand-children to aspire for a position in politics....that would be like asking them to become LIARS, THIEVES, IMMORAL and UN-BEARABLE human beings.
mistermilo Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 11:10 AM
While I am in agreement with what has happened to the moral character of politicians, I become saddened when I read that you would not want your descendants to ebnter politics.

It is obvious from your post that you are a person of high moral character. The odds are that tour progeny are too. We need more folks like them to enter the arena of politics and oust the money changers in the temple of DC.

My representative, Phil Gingrey, is a man of the highest integrity. A lot of the issues he works on are those you mention above. He could use more people like him and Paul Ryan, Issa, just to mention a few of the few who are , at least to my knowledge, good and honest representatives of their districts and states.
Barack Obama lately has been accusing presumptive rival Mitt Romney of not waging his campaign in the nice (but losing) manner of John McCain in 2008. But a more marked difference can be seen in Obama himself, whose style and record bear no resemblance to his glory days of four years ago.

Recently, the president purportedly has been reassuring Democratic donors that his signature achievement, Obamacare, could be readjusted in the second term -- something Republicans have promised to do for the last three years. What an evolution: We have gone from being told we would love Obamacare, to granting...