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Disaster Ignorance

DB07 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 11:08 AM
Repub, I was amazed at the gas line stories after the storm, which always were accompanied with stories of "gouging". I was thinking to myself let the price double....people who are only topping off will go home, retailers will find generators, and wholesalers will FIND a way to get their product to market. When the crisis ends the price will go back down. It's ironic that the price of gas dipped so far here in the South, presumably from the glut caused by the inability for the victims to get gas, at least in part.
Here's a which-is-better question for you. Suppose a New Jersey motel room rented for $125 a night prior to Hurricane Sandy's devastation. When the hurricane hits, a husband, wife and their two youngsters might seek the comfort of renting two adjoining rooms. However, when they arrive at the motel, they find that rooms now rent for $250. At that price, they might decide to make do with one room. In my book, that would be wonderful. That decision would make a room available for another family who had to evacuate Sandy's wrath. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and others condemn this...