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you re saying that the republican party "commonly argues" that there is such thing as "legitimate rape" as part of their "no tax payer funded abortion please" campaign? so, does this mean that the democrats in support of tax payer funded abortion on demand, commonly argue that there is legitimate murder? or does the obvious purity and kindness in your heart eliminate the need to thoroughly examine your position...
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Is There Anyone Obama Won't Betray?

Dawn178 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 5:14 PM
Come on now...we are all just bit players and extras in the movie of his life. You don't expect him too actually pay ATTENTION to us...the rest of the world. Either you conform or you're out on the editing room floor. Pay no attention to the facts behind the curtain...they are not relevant to the story your are being told! I'm just waiting for the big ending when he flies off into the sunset with his furiously glaring bride, never to be heard or seen again.
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