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So a President Wearing Clown Mask Goes to a Rodeo…

Davole Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 2:39 PM
The far-left HASN'T destroyed any rodeo clown - it has merely ATTEMPTED to DESTROY that blatantly competent, attention-grabbing, embarrassing to democrats rodeo clown! But in doing so, it may have inadvertently given him a prime stage to enable him to market his demonstrated skill to publicly, repetitively, and effectively "stick it" to America's Clown in Chief and his third ring circus sycophants. It would be smart and advantageous for Conservatives in the Republican party to hire that well-publicized rodeo clown to publicly mock Barack Obama, hmmm, hmmm,hmmm, on prime-time TV, each and every Friday, by ostentatiously using a teleprompter to repeat one of each and every gaff and lie which the Clown in Chief has spewed. Realistically imagine - just as the democrats had used Tina Fey to confuse the public as to what Sarah Palin had publicly stated, thereby denigrating her, this rodeo clown would be God’s gift to America’s legitimate and illegitimate voters by memorably publicizing Otrauma’s lies and gaffes. It won’t take long for many of the low information Obama supporters to begin to realize that their pathetic race-baiting, low-class, Chicago sh(i)t disturber hero is a poor excuse for president, and even unfit to competently perform the services of a rodeo clown!