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Obama's First Term Is Like Roosevelt's Dismal Second

Davole Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 11:36 AM
Barack Obama's first term as president definitely warrants him a life term in Alcatraz. He could then pompously boast that he has truly created thousands of jobs in the tourism sector of the American economy!
People, not least himself, have often compared Barack Obama to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

You know the narrative. He came to office in a financial crisis and proceeded to take government action to revive the economy and expand government to help the little guy.

That narrative was developed by great New Deal historians like Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and has been an article of faith among liberal Democrats ever since. Expand government, and the people will love you.

Except that it hasn't worked out exactly that way. Most Americans don't much love the stimulus package or Obamacare....