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Let's Build on the Paul Filibuster

Davole Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 10:52 AM
old soldier - Obamabo(ugh)ts don't have the brains with which to think or believe - they can only feel!

The Republicans had better not squander the good will Sen. Rand Paul purchased for them in his filibuster over the Obama administration's potential use of armed drones to kill non-enemy combatants in America.

I am not simply referring to the constitutional issue of whether the president can engage in such acts, though that's very important. I believe the significance of Paul's filibuster transcends the drone issue. It was about challenging the administration's lawlessness and accountability across the board and his runaway spending and statism. It was about championing freedom, God-given rights and the Constitution.

Under questioning, Attorney General Eric Holder has...