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Don't Blame Romney

Davole Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:49 AM
Continued here) 8. Do you trust a mealy-mouthed former community instigator who intends to redefine the meaning of the words marriage and government entitlement, or do you trust an honest individual who accepts and respects those definitions? 9. Do you trust a politician who observes the rising financial crisis facing many European governments and then trumpets Forward - (off the cliff), or do you trust a realistic politician who responsibly realizes that reckless spending must end? 10. Do you trust a lead from behind politician who callously dismissed and categorized the deaths of 4 American embassy staff as a mere “bump in the road,” or do you trust a politician who would ensure competent investigation regarding that assault?

We spent billions of dollars and billions of words on an election to switch from President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House to President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House.

Every election predictor was wrong, except one: Incumbents usually win.

Republicans have taken out a sitting president only once in the last century, and that was in 1980 when Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter. Sadly, Reagan's record remains secure.

The Democrats ran up against the incumbency problem in 2004. The landslide election for Democrats in 2006 suggests that Americans were not thrilled with...

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